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The information section is designed to provide club members with resources that focus on social activities, issues affecting the Club, events, information about pickleball, and a variety of club forms.
Recently the TPPC Board released two discussion papers as part of the Annual meeting Agenda for March 10th, 2018. The first information paper involves an assessment of future needs by the Club at the Goodman property dedicated pickleball facility as it is constructed. The second information paper is tied to morning hours play by pickleball players outside the club's blocked hours, which has created confusion amongst club members as to the role of the Club in providing organized play for all.
The TPPC Board has created a new Technical Committee (2018) to examine both a rating system for players and delivery of organized play. Their mandate is listed below.
These papers and the mandate can be accessed by clicking the listings below.
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Goodman Property Information Paper
Morning Hours Information Paper
2018 Technical Committee Mandate