TPPC Board of Directors’ Meeting March 4, 2020, 4:30 pm

Lodge Oak Room

Present: Marie Knowlton, Deb Howard, Dave Dwyer, Bev Crane

The meeting was called by Marie to set discussion items related to the transition between the old BOD and the new and to set a time to meet with former Board members Asbel and MacLean.

A tentative meeting was set for Sunday, March 8 at 1pm on the Lodge porch. Marie was to contact Asbel and MacLean about attending.

Marie’s first order of business was to set up a committee structure to include more members involved in the Club as volunteers. She suggested that each committee have a Director as a liaison, at least one leader and a list of volunteers. Each committee would have a list of tasks with individual items that need to be completed for each task. Members who signed up for each area of interest would be helpers under each task. For example, Player Training & Development Committee has Liaison Deb Howard. Helpers would include Lacek, K. LaMirand, Staples, S. Fortin, C. Hamblen with tasks such as lessons, drills, coaching, and drills with ball machine, each with a leader.

It was decided to use the TPPC Committees listed on the website as a starting point and add committees as needed (e.g., bylaws, equipment, medical). Marie and other board members would contact various Club members who might have the expertise and interest to be a leader of a committee or helper with tasks within the committee. Suggestions from Board members included Rooks (equipment), Thayer (medical), S. Fortin (website). See attached tentative committee list.

Other suggestions included:

--Creating packets such as for a tournament to include all aspects of running a tournament --Put TPPC information on TP Channel 732

It was decided to meet weekly during the transition period. The meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

Pickleball Club Committees & Chairmen 2020-2021

Committee Board Liaisons

Marie Knowlton, President
Deb Howard, Vice-Present
Dave Dwyer, Treasurer
Beverley Crane, Secretary

Communications Committee – Beverley Crane

Carol Bowe Membership Committee – Beverley Crane/Dave Dwyer

Social Committee – Deb Howard/Helen DeGirolalmo

Pam Staples
Carol Bowe

Deb Peterson

Barb Lacek (cruise committee) Karen LaMirand

Liz Slater

(Cookouts – Asbel/Gino/Helen)

Player Training Development Committee – Deb Howard/Tom Asbel Barb Lacek Karen LaMirand Pam Staples Steve Fortin Cyndee Hamblen
Community Outreach Committee – Bd Liaison Helen DeGirolalmo/Cathi Ellingson Pat Thayer

Events/Functions/Schedule – Dave Dwyer/Tom Asbel (thinking this is too big for 1 committee)

Equipment Committee – Marie Knowlton/Don Rooks Medical Committee – Marie Knowlton/Pat Thayer Website Committee – Marie Knowlton/Steve Fortin

Den Committee – Dave Dwyer/Beverley Crane/Marie Knowlton

Steve Fortin
Financial Committee – Dave Dwyer

Volunteer Committee – Helen DeGirolalmo/Cathi Ellingson

Pam Staples Karen LaMirand John Wolfenden

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