TPPC Officers’ Meeting Minutes April 29, 2020

Present: Knowlton, Howard, Dwyer, Crane, Asbel

The Officers Meeting was called by Knowlton to review a meeting between Knowlton/Howard and a sub-committee from the TP COVID—19 Task Force who met concerning a Phase I soft opening of the TP pickleball courts. Knowlton had sent the Task Force a list of 27 ways to safely open the pickleball courts that provided an outline for the discussion.

Points discussed at the sub-committee meeting included:

  • using four (4) specified courts with up to four (4) players on each court for open play
  • players signing up on Pickleball Den for a scheduled block of time (probably 2 hours)
  • a monitor available at the Courts during each blocked time slot to organize play and make sure all rules posted by Timber Pines are adhered to
  • play by TPPC members only with no guests allowed
  • no spectators or gatherings at the Courts so as to keep within guidelines
  • stay on the court assigned and play only with your four (4) assigned players, no switching courts or players
  • no ball machine allowed
  • one (1) ball per court

The Club is waiting to hear back from the Task Force on this plan before the upcoming TP Board meeting on Monday, May 4.

The TPPC Officers reviewed several of the task force points:

--Monitors – have monitors at each time slot to take player names on each court to keep a record in case of possible illness later. Question: Should there be one monitor per play time or one monitor for each court in a play time block?

--Dwyer – will set up schedule on Den for AM 7- 1 hours and PM 4:30 – 8:30

--Chairs on the site – should players bring their own chairs or use chairs provided on the site? Advantages/disadvantages of each?

It was suggested that Knowlton send an email verifying what had been discussed at the sub- committee/TPPC meeting to Board members Murphy and Ohlenroth prior to the May 4 Board meeting.

Summer Schedule. Howard reported that she had sent a modified Lodge Courts summer schedule to Patti Yost to put on Jonas. Yost was also going to review it with the tennis club.

Knowlton said the entire Task Force would meet on Monday morning May 4 to discuss the report that they would present to the TP Board during the 1 pm meeting. Crane would send out information in the Friday ―Fix‖ to all Club members reporting on progress to reopen the Courts and about watching the TP Board meeting on Monday.

With no more business, Knowlton adjourned the meeting.

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