TPPC Officers’ Special Meeting Minutes May 4, 2020

Present: Knowlton, Dwyer, Howard, Crane

The Officers met after the TP Board meeting to review recommendations from the sub- committee and possible issues and problems related to the reopening of the pickleball courts on May 11. Knowlton reported on today’s TP Board meeting and outlined the rules stated by the COVID-19 Task Force and approved by the Timber Pines BOD for a Phase 1 soft opening of the pickleball and tennis courts, pools, and woodshop.

Prior to the TP Board meeting Knowlton and Howard met with a sub-committee of the Task Force at which Knowlton provided a list of safe ways to open the Lodge pickleball courts for play. The Task Force sub-committees then met with the entire Task Force, and a summary was presented at the Board meeting for each amenity. The TP Board voted to begin Phase I on Monday, May 11. She noted that the Phase I Opening Plan Prepared by the Pickleball Sub- Committee is available on the TPPC website. She emphasized that all items in these rules must be adhered to.

The TPPC Board discussed some of the items required by the Task Force sub-committee that needed to be addressed before the reopening on May 11.

  • Play is open to TPPC members ONLY with no guests or children allowed.
  • Four (4) specified courts (two (2) near the Lodge parking lot and two (2) on the pool side) with up to four (4) players on each court will be used for open play. Center courts will not be used.
  • Players must sign up on pickleball Den for a scheduled 2-hour block of time with no more than four (4) players and a waiting list for each court. No one will be able to play by just showing up at the courts.
  • No spectators or gatherings at the Courts are allowed so as to keep within guidelines.
  • A monitor will be available at the Courts during each blocked time slot to organize play and make sure all rules posted by Timber Pines are adhered to. They will have a list of all players who have signed up for each court for each time block.
  • Each group of four players must stay on their assigned court and only play with the four players assigned to that court. No switching courts or players.

--During this Phase I opening there will be no scheduled events, only open play as signed up for on The Den.

Again it was emphasized that for players who have not used the Den Sign-up Sheet, a friend could sign-up others for a specific time. Dwyer said sign-up sheets will be available later this week on the Den. Crane is to send members an email outlining the details and rules of the reopening and will create an instruction sheet to be attached to the email and posted on the TPPC website at www.tppickleballclub.org. Knowlton commented that we are all looking forward to resuming pickleball play in a safe way and reemphasized that all TP Rules for play need to be obeyed.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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