TPPC Officers Meeting Minutes August 30, 2020

Present: Knowlton, Howard, Dwyer, Crane, Asbel

The August 23, 2020 BOD minutes were accepted with changes. Crane also asked for information for the October Timber Pines Bulletin due on September 5.

Timber Pines Meeting on equipment. Knowlton reported that she and Dwyer had met with Yost and Smith, Technology, to discuss the abilities of the Jonas System. Jonas has limited features and does not meet the current needs of the Club for tournaments, shootouts, scoring, communication or events. On another matter Dwyer informed Yost of the need for squeegees and paddles at the PB Lodge Courts. Yost asked for recommendations, which Dwyer provided.

Knowlton also reported the following:

--Barb Rooks had made a card to be sent from the TPPC to former member Al Berger on the death of his wife. Barb had members sign it and she sent it to Al. B. Rooks will continue to create cards as needed and Marilyn Wellons will take care of buying/sending cards to members when necessary.

--Howard reported that Wellons had also gotten a card and is collecting money to thank Don/Barb Rooks for the work they do on the Wed. night ABCD social event.

--Dave Harris will be taking photos at special events as he did at the farewell party for member Jack Walters on Aug 26. S. Fortin will place photos on the TPPC website.

--TPPC Logo. A logo for shirts and other Club materials like letterhead, etc. is needed. Knowlton has been researching the current logos and how they can be used. More study is necessary.

Discussion Items

--Nets. Howard asked that the first players on each court daily be responsible for setting up a net on their court. The last group to play on a court for the day will take down nets and put them in the closet. She noted that if there was time it would be nice if nets could be set up on all courts in the morning especially as it gets busier.

--Cookouts. Asbel suggested that cookouts be reinstated to be held outside with social distancing, having food such as pizza, hotdogs that could be distributed to guests with tongs and that guests could bring any other food for themselves only and not in a potluck format. This format would maintain a safe setting under COVID-19 rules. This idea would be looked into after the Task Force meets again.

New TPPC Fall Schedule – Instructors and Mentors

Howard noted that the new Fall schedule starts tomorrow on August 31 and that Orientation/ Lessons is a new event scheduled on Monday and Friday at 9am. Asbel stated that he will be unavailable on this Monday to conduct lessons and would need a back-up to take his place. Howard reported that a list of mentors was created in the Spring to work with novice/beginner players. The list included Trappenberg, Howard, K. Lemon, Dwyer, Rooks, S. Fortin, Crane, C. Hamblin and Knowlton. Others on the list were currently not in Timber Pines. It was suggested that a mentor in-service be held to determine skill sets players new to pickleball needed to accomplish and set up main points to be covered in this introductory session. Howard indicated she would send a notice to potential mentors concerning a meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 2 at 4pm at the Courts. Asbel would lead the in-service.

TPPC Instruction

Asbel reported on current lessons, stating that approximately 1 hour was spent on teaching, followed by drills and possible game play. Things to consider for instruction: how often can members come to lessons, what is the next step for new players after lessons, how to encourage sign-up for the novice/beginner court (Courts 4/6) and having mentors on those courts. S. Fortin will add a waitlist for lessons to the Den to determine interest in lessons by new members.

Treasurer’s Report

Dwyer distributed and reviewed copies of this month’s budget report. He noted that he had met with members Bob and Karen Powers to discuss financial reports and some suggestions for possible changes to a non-profit club. These options would be researched further.

2021 Membership renewal. Dwyer reported that payment to the Den for 2021 will be December 30. The BOD decided to start 2021 membership renewal on November 1 and end the official timeframe on December 20. The Den would delete non-renewing members from the TPPC Den roster on December 31.

2020 Donations

Knowlton read a letter from Yost, requesting a donation from the TPPC for the Holiday Walk. Discussion followed with some members not in favor of the donation this year.

Dwyer commented that the Community Outreach Committee could take the lead on a policy/ procedure for Club donations and present that process to the BOD for approval. The Board had previously discussed having all tournaments be charitable tournaments.


Asbel noted that a Christmas morning tournament is set to remember member Margaret Stevenson-Johnson who passed last Christmas. A Fun Tournament to welcome back snowbirds has also been tentatively scheduled for November 13-15. Several suggestions for memorial benches with plaques or pavers were made as possible ways to remember TPPC members who have passed. A Clinic is also tentatively set in January. More information is needed from the Task Force and Timber Pines as the Club prepares for these events.

PARC Update

It was noted that the lights on the courts have been installed and that weather permitting the asphalt will be poured in the next three weeks. The Deco turf layer would be completed after curing.

Events Committee. Dwyer as liaison to the Events Committee requested that members (Rooks, Howard, Asbel, Crane, Freed) meet to review use of the new courts and discuss number of courts to request from Yost, for example, how many we need on a daily basis and when we need all 12 courts.**

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. PAGE2

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