BOD Meeting Nov 21

Board of Directors Meeting – November 21, 2022

Cypress Room, Lodge Building


The TPPC BOD meeting was called to order at 6:30pm in the Cypress Room, in the Lodge. A quorum was present.

BOD Members present: Ellingson, K. Powers, Crane, Hunter, Knowlton

17 Guests were present.

Minutes of the October 11, 2022 Meeting - Powers moved, seconded by Hunter to approve the Minutes of the October 11, 2022 meeting with changes. The motion passed unanimously.

Minutes of the November 8, 2022 Special Meeting – Hunter moved, seconded by Powers, to approve the Minutes of the November 8, 2022 Special Meeting with changes. The motion passed unanimously.

Director and Committee Reports

Secretary and Communications Committee Reports. Crane reported for her Committee.

Bulletin Board - Bowe updated the Bulletin Board and created a new Fall court calendar that was placed on the Courts Bulletin Board today. She has also coordinated with webmaster Bruce Eisenhard to update the calendar on the TPPC website.

Sunshine Lady – Connie Smith has had members sign and then sent Get well cards to two members who have had severe illnesses this month and one sympathy card to one member whose wife just passed. Anyone who knows of members who need sympathy or get well cards should contact Connie.

Communications – Crane handles emails via Den that usually go to the entire membership.

--Welcome letters go out to new members. B. Powers signs up new members in Den and then Crane sends them Welcome letters giving new members information about the Club, Den Sign-up, etc. Many new members continue to sign up.

--Other emails – Weekly cookout notices, Friday Fix, Friday Flash, quarterly TP Bulletin.

--Special notices to the entire Club via the Den like Turkey Trot Tournament, special clinics, Special Olympics, and special cookout events like Veteran's Day.

Treasurer and Finance Committee Reports. K. Powers reported the TPPC Treasury balance of $7602 and total of 1133 Club members.

--Powers is reviewing a change in the Club checking account to avoid paying transaction fees. She also needed to get her personal social security number removed from the checking account.

--The Club is now incorporated and has a FEIN. She indicated she will be traveling to Tallahassee on Nov 22 to change officer information with the State of Florida so the change can be completed before Jan 1.

--At the first Board meeting in March, it was approved that the officers, minus Crane, would be TPPC check signers. Given a change in officers, Powers moved that Knowlton, Ellingson and Powers be the check signers and go to the bank to make the changes on Nov 25. Hunter seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

--Membership/Donations Committee. Powers reported 480 new and renewal memberships have been processed since Nov 1. She said the Committee would like to hold an event at the Courts in April/May 2023 to present all donation checks to recipients.

Training and Development Committee Report

-- Ellingson reported on the October Tournament that had 75—80 participants. She stated M. Rocheleau will give a free clinic on Nov 22 for approximately 40 members.

--Ellingson reported on lessons that are included in the Club membership fee. She said 8 beginning players can participate in Monday lessons and 16 on Friday.

Administration Committee Report. Hunter reported the committee is working on changes to the Club by-laws. She indicated that she has continued to help members who have problems with Den.

Social Committee. Bowe reported on social committee activities. She said the Cookout Committee would have 4 members (4) each month in charge of one cookout each. She mentioned the New Year's Eve Party that was being worked on and there would be a need for volunteers.

Facilities Committee. Knowlton reported that Dalley, Chair, worked on adjusting gates, making sure pickleballs were available each day and contacting Timber Pines if necessary to fix problems at the Courts.

Other Items

Knowlton reported that TPPC t-shirts will be sold again with Robin Schneider as lead.

Ellingson showed a tool that member Jim Jokel had discovered to help practice dinking. She said an RFA was needed from Timber Pines and then the tool would be placed on the practice board on Court 2.

BOD Changes

Accept Resignations. Vice-president Ellingson reported that two (2) board members resigned in the last two weeks. She thanked resigning Board members Don Rooks and Dave Dwyer for their service to the TPPC. She asked Board members for a motion to accept the two resignations. Hunter moved, seconded by Powers, that the resignations of Don Rooks and Dave Dwyer be accepted. The motion passed unanimously.

Chair Remarks. Ellingson stated that as Vice-President she is not comfortable taking on the position of President of the TPPC due to health and personal reasons so will resign as President but remain on the Board as a Director. Ellingson stated that she would nominate Marie Knowlton as the new President. Hunter seconded the motion. The motion to have Marie Knowlton replace Don Rooks as TPPC President passed unanimously. Knowlton accepted the position of President, effective immediately to continue until March 2023 when new officers will be elected at the Annual Meeting for those whose terms are up.

Board Member Replacement. Knowlton stated that a letter was sent to the entire membership asking for members interested in filling the two (2) open Board positions. The positions would run through March 2024 to fulfill the terms of the Directors who resigned. She said four (4) letters of interest were received for the two (2) positions. Knowlton introduced Pat Thayer, Head of the Nominations Committee, who would conduct the election. Thayer distributed the ballots to the Directors, collected and counted the completed ballots and reported the results. A second ballot was taken because two members tied for second place. Thayer then reported the two with the most votes: Rocheleau and Kohlberg as the two new Directors.

Old Business

Knowlton reported the following topics the BOD had been working on:

-- Modifications to the TPPC Rules and Regulations

--Guests as Club members. Hunter suggested a committee be formed to obtain background on the topic and discuss this issue further at another meeting.

--Cost of the cookout. It was suggested to review the current $3/person cost of the cookout to make sure the cost of food and Pavilion rental was covered by the current fee in order to break even.

--Mike/Patty Rocheleau will run the popular Wed. night event with the possibility of some changes and adding a variety of games.

--The BASH, the annual pickleball party, is scheduled for Fri. Mar. 11.

--Details on the New Year's Eve Party should be available soon.

New Business

Several topics will be discussed at the next meeting:

--The Reindeer Games, the next tournament on Christmas Day. The fee for participating in the tournament would be a food donation for people (Presbyterian Church Food Pantry) and pets (Kathi's K9). M. Rocheleau will provide details for the tournament and Thayer will organize the food donation.

New Member Liaisons – Kohlberg will be the Director liaison for the Facilities Committee/ Stuart Dienes and M. Rocheleau with the Social Committee that is working on New Year's Eve, the BASH and Cookouts.

The next TPPC BOD Meeting will be on December 20 at 3:30pm in the Cypress Room at the Lodge.

Kohlberg moved, seconded by Crane, to adjourn the meeting at 7:50pm.

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