BOD meeting Oct 11

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2022

3pm – Country Club

The TPPC BOD meeting was called to order at 3:00pm at the Country Club on October 11. A quorum was present.

Members present: D. Rooks, K. Powers, Crane, Knowlton, Dwyer, Hunter, Ellingson on phone

Guests present: M. Kohlberg, Holland, C. Stewart, Krueger

Minutes of September 13, 2022 Meeting

Knowlton moved, seconded by D. Rooks, that the minutes of the September 13, 2022 meeting be approved with no changes. Motion passed unanimously.

Director and Committee Reports

Communications Committee Report. Crane gave the Secretary's report on activities of the Communications Committee.

--The approved September 13, 2022 minutes will be sent to the webmaster for posting on the TPPC website.

Bulletin Board. Bowe created and posted the new Sept. calendar. She also organized pictures taken by Dave Harris, Club photographer, from the Zephyrhills PB Tournament in which Bonnie Schmink and Cathi Ellingson took second place. She also coordinated with Webmaster Eisenhard for TPPC updates to post on the Website.

Sunshine Lady – Connie Smith collected member signatures for sympathy cards for members who have passed recently, get well cards to those with extended illnesses, and info of celebration of life and sent them to all members. She requests that members who know of those who need cards contact her. Thanks to Jean Fuller, who took over when Smith was away for the summer.

Communications. Crane sent emails via Den for weekly cookout notices and Fri Fix emails to all members every other Fri. until Nov. when they will be sent weekly. She also sent information on Club activities each week to the Fri. Flash and quarterly to the TP Bulletin. She sent Welcome letters to all members and any special notices for the entire Club that go out via Den (e.g., special cookouts, the Employee luncheon).

Treasurer's Report. K. Powers reported on several issues:

-- Club checking account. She indicated that more Den subscriptions will need to be purchased soon. She stated that when 2023 membership renewals begin she will purchase Den subscriptions when dues are paid (weekly, biweekly, monthly as needed) instead of in advance. She indicated there is no discount for purchasing Den memberships in advance. Dwyer commented that there is no guarantee that the fee of $3 will not go up. He said he would call Bob Yacobucci to check on subscriptions. Powers stated as soon as the checking account is stable over $5000 she will be changing the account to _____Bank to get 500 free transactions and the $20 monthly fee waived.

-- Membership. Dates/volunteers are set for in-person renewal collections starting in November. They will be held at the Lodge, Wed. Night event, and cookout to renew memberships for 2023. New 2023 forms will be available on Nov 1 via email, the court box and in-person collections.

-- Rule Changes. She said there need to be some rules added and others changed (court etiquette, attire, play, sign-up, walk-on players, safety, guests). Dwyer suggested tabling the issue now and holding a special meeting as a workshop to review the rules. Ellingson commented on the excellent job on compiling the rules so they could be fine-tuned. It was suggested that a committee review the draft, fine-tune the rules and provide feedback to the Board at the next meeting.

-- Incorporation. Powers explained the steps involved in incorporating the TPPC as a non-profit social club. This would shield Club and Board members because a social club cannot be sued. She mentioned pros/cons/cost. By adding "Inc." to the current Club name, it can be filed as non-profit incorporated. Powers moved, seconded by Dwyer, that the Club move forward to incorporate as a non-profit. The motion passed unanimously.

Administration Committee. Hunter reported:

--The by-laws would need to be changed if the Club incorporates and a vote would then be taken at the Annual Meeting in March.

--She questioned whether a quorum of 40 members should be increased? It was decided the quorum could stay the same.

Equipment Committee. Dwyer reported on equipment.

He said some squeegees were not in good shape and that several fans under the shade areas were not working properly. He said he would contact Stuart about the problems.

Training and Development Committee. Ellingson reported on the following:

--Orientation /lessons were being held once a month on Monday from 11-1pm in the off-season. This would be increased to once a week on Monday from 11-1pm in the new schedule for the season. Other training being considered was novice playing twice a week and providing guidance and consistency to mentors who will train novices. She indicated the Fall schedule was still being worked on. A Schedule Committee consisting of Dwyer, Rooks, and Krueger was formed. Ellingson also requested she be on the Committee. D. Rooks suggested that ABCD events be set up on Wed., Thurs. from 9-11am on two courts.

-- Tournaments. Ellingson asked M. Rocheleau to comment on the upcoming first tournament on November 11. He said he would hold a session at the Pavilion on November 1 to discuss what a tournament entailed to encourage more members to participate. He also asked that volunteers working at the tournament receive a meal as the players do. After discussion this was not approved as it would set a precedent for all volunteers. Also, discussed was what charity would receive the proceeds from the tournament. Rocheleau said he would talk to the Charity Committee about recipients of the donation.

--A letter needs to go to the TP Board to get approval for signs at all of the tournaments and also sale of hotdogs.

Social Committee. D. Rooks reported on the Cookout Committee.

--The Halloween party had over 120 attendees. He said the Committee would start working on a New Year's Eve party. B. Rooks will reserve the Pavilion for the Sat. Night cookouts in Nov, Jan, Feb, and March.

--Special Olympics players from Hernando County who were being trained at the Courts won level 2 doubles and singles games which would allow them to go to the next Tournament.

Other Business

The following items were discussed:

-- Change Courts 1,2 during prime time (7,9,11am & 5pm) to Open Play to accommodate more players. The ball machine could be moved to Court 11. Lessons/orientation would move to non-prime time.

--The need to work on a guest policy (requirements to play, limiting number).

--The charities that should receive donations from TPPC.

The next BOD meeting was scheduled for Nov. 15 at 1pm at the Country Club. Powers moved, Hunter seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 2:40pm.

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