BOD Meeting Sept 13

Board of Directors Meeting – September 13, 2022

3pm – Country Club

The BOD meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm at the Country Club. A quorum was present.

Members present: D. Rooks, K. Powers, Crane, Knowlton, Dwyer; Hunter on phone

Guests present: M. Kohlberg, Holland, C. Stewart, Bowe, Krueger

Minutes of September 13, 2022 Meeting

Knowlton moved, seconded by D. Rooks that the minutes of the September 13, 2022 meeting be approved with no changes. Motion passed unanimously.

Director and Committee Reports

Communications Committee Report by Crane

Crane gave the Secretary's report on activities of the Communications Committee.

--The approved September 13, 2022 minutes will be sent to the webmaster for posting on the TPPC website. She noted that the July and August meetings were cancelled.

--Sunshine Update - Fuller filled in for Connie Smith as the Sunshine person July and August and sent both sympathy and get well cards to members during the summer.

--Bulletin Board - Bowe updated the Courts Bulletin Board with the September play schedule and provided the schedule for the TPPC website.

--Communications - Crane reported on the following:

--The Friday Fix was sent every other week during July, August, and continuing through September to all members. Text of the TP Bulletin, now a quarterly publication, was sent on Sep 8 to Timber Pines for Club information for Oct. through Dec. A monthly calendar is also on the TP website and TPPC event updates can be sent weekly as needed. The text for the Fri Flash was submitted to TP by Wednesday each week.

--Weekly cookout notices are provided by B. Rooks, who identifies the main dish and special events. Crane sent them out no later than Sunday each week.

--B. Powers sent names/emails of new members to Crane who sent them to new Club members to welcome them to the Club.

--Knowlton monitored the Club email which all Board members can review.

Finance Committee Report by K. Powers

K. Powers gave the Treasurer's Report.

-- Membership is now 1041. Powers distributed the monthly cash analysis of the year to date. Cash in the account is $4,687.

--Powers said the Club is still looking at the advantages of a "Best Value 200 Checking" account to cut some of the bank fees.

--She indicated the Committee is also reviewing the TPPC Taxpayer ID number issue and advantages of incorporating as a non-profit status. These issues will be discussed at the next meeting.

-- Powers distributed a draft of the 2023 Membership Form, one (1) form per household instead of individual member ones. The membership fee for 2023 will remain at $10. She stated that renewal will start for 2023 memberships in November but payment to Den would be on December 31, 2022.

There was a discussion regarding the need for a document of Rules and Regulations suggested by the Membership Committee. This would be in addition to our By-laws. Powers offered to develop the document. Send any suggestions to her.

Administration Committee Report

  1. Hunter reported on activities of the Administration Committee.

She commented on the changes in the Membership section of the TPPC By-laws in a distributed draft. Changes addressed who is eligible for membership besides residents (e.g., affidavits of residency of those with a house in Timber Pines and members of TPCA). She indicated that there are some changes needed in the by-laws to address changes in who is eligible for Club membership. For example, are overnight house guests as approved by the TPPC BOD eligible, are non-residents? Hunter commented that in thinking about the by-laws some circumstances may require changes in the TPPC rules and regulations. K. Powers asked that the by-laws be changed before 2023 membership renewal so the 2023 membership forms could be revised.

Training & Competition Committee Report

--The Fall schedule will be worked on, including adding play time for beginners, looking at initiating ABCD events, and establishing mentors again.

--Tournament events and dates are set for the 2022-2023 season with Mike and Patty Rocheleau organizing and running the tournaments.

--Member Colleen Stewart requested that there be another option for beginning players following lessons besides NPU.

Social Committee Report

D. Rooks reported on the following:

--The Labor Day Cookout had approximately 140 attendees with music and karaoke.

--The Pavilion is rented on Saturday nights from Oct. through May for TPPC weekly cookouts.

--The problem with parking as 25 spaces by the Pavilion are closed off due to work on the Wellness Center. Now golf carts should use the grassy spaces by the North Gate.

Equipment Committee Report.

Dwyer reported on several issues:

--Three (3) squeegees need replacing

--The court fans under shade structures 1 and 2 need to be investigated as they trip off irregularly

--Pickleballs for the ball machines should be checked to see if replacements are needed

Dwyer noted lights at the courts turn off automatically so players should not touch them.

The next BOD meeting was set for October 11.

K. Powers moved, seconded by D. Rooks, to adjourn the meeting

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