BOD meeting Jan 3

by Bev Crane

Board of Directors Meeting – January 3, 2023

Cypress Room, Lodge Building


The TPPC BOD meeting was called to order at 11:00am in the Cypress Room in the Lodge. A quorum was present. Also, 11 guests were present.

BOD Members present: Ellingson, K. Powers (phone), Crane, Hunter, Knowlton, Kohlberg, Rocheleau

Hunter moved, seconded by Ellingson, that the minutes of the December 20, 2022 meeting be approved with corrections. Motion passed unanimously.

Knowlton stated the Committee reports would start with the Training and Development Committee and report in reverse order with Communications last.

Training and Development Committee. Ellingson listed the Training Committee members: Krueger, Howard, Schmink, C. Hamlin. She stated the next beginning lessons would be Monday, Jan 3 at 1-3pm. She outlined the instruction would be held weekly: Monday, Introduction to Pickleball-Beginner Lessons (Courts 1-2), Beginner play with mentor, Wednesday- Intermediate Skills/Drills and Friday Beginner Skills/Drills to build skills of beginner players from 1-3pm.

Administration Committee. Hunter reported on the following:

Guest Policy. Hunter stated a motion would be made today (1-3-2023): Guest Policy for 2022-2023.Hunter moved that the following policy statement be effective immediately and also added to Article III MEMBERSHIP of the TPPC By-Laws.

"Membership in the Club will continue to be available to guests who were approved to join the Club prior to January 1, 2022. Continuous annual renewal by December 31st is required to maintain these memberships. These members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of Club membership. In addition, those guests with previously approved memberships whose renewal forms were recently denied will be allowed to renew for 2023 with no penalty for late processing of their forms. The motion passed unanimously.

Hunter noted her committee will be working on TPPC by-law revisions. She said they must be approved 30 days before the Annual Meeting in March where they would be voted on. Some items being reviewed include:

-- adding INC. to the Club name

--determining how to replace director(s) that resign

--whether or not to add a Standing Committee list to by-laws

--information about membership (who can be a member or not)

Also for review would be Recommended Rules of Play on Courts to be placed on the Courts Bulletin Board.

--Extending play time until 11pm (e.g., guests, members)

--Guests (e.g., when they should be allowed to play, members signing up multiple guests)

--Members signing up on more than one court at the same time

--Recommending a play policy for use in peak season (guests, members)

Facilities Committee. Kohlberg reported on a review of wheeled vehicles on Courts (bicycles, golf carts, etc.). A notice would be posted at the Courts and sent to members. Other items discussed:

--Create an RFA to submit to TP Administration to blow off lawn clippings and debris on and around the courts. Kohlberg has contacted Scott Corbin about clean up around the Courts.

--Ball machine still has no battery power but running on electricity by the court. Dienes is reviewing but has not gotten back yet.

--Ball policy – Holland and Lightfoot supply balls in holders each morning as needed. When temperature falls below 50 degrees, balls will be removed from court ball holders due to cold weather and the cost of high breakage in the cold. Players would then need to bring their own balls.

--There is still a problem with blowers not doing the job of removing water from the courts.

--Need to identify who gets keys/combination to lock the storage room.

--H. Coverdale and Thayer will supervise first aid bags on courts to make sure they are supplied.

Social Committee. Rocheleau reported:

--New Year's Eve Party was very successful as reported by members and Social Committee.

-- Notice: Cookouts will be held the first Saturday of each month with the next one on January 7 at 5:30pm. Rocheleau moved that the cookout fee be raised to $5 starting on Saturday, February 4. The motion passed.

-- Mulligan Tournament will be held in January on Jan 13, 14. Rocheleau will provide notices at the courts and send to all members. Medals are available for tournaments but may need more ribbon for hanging medals.

Finance Committee. K. Powers reported the TPPC checking account had $10,842.83. On January 1, 2023 membership was 835.

--K. Powers will be ready for the annual audit by the end of January. She requested Knowlton to select someone to do the audit.

--Pickleball Den agreement to lock-in the $4/member fee for 2 years, effective 1/1/2023, has been signed.

--1200 Den subscriptions have been purchased at the $3 rate prior to the price increase.

--If the club looks into other companies similar to Den, as Rocheleau suggested at a previous board meeting, Bob Powers would be interested in being a part of that committee.

--K. Powers requested that individuals that are giving her money for deposits include a listing showing where the money came from ( ie, name of person, amount, check number or cash along with a total.) This is important for a paper trail to make sure what was received made it to the bank.

Communications Committee. Crane reported on 4 areas:

--Sunshine Lady Smith has sent cards this month for sympathy (1) and health issues (4) with notes from members. Anyone who knows a member who needs a bit of sunshine should contact Smith.

--Bowe created and updated play schedule for January, added notes and Fri Fix to the Courts Bulletin Board. She has also coordinated news and works with webmaster Eisenhard for the TPPC website. Bowe also co-chaired the successful New Year's Eve Party with K. Toof.

--Crane writes the Fri. Fix, cookout notice, and Fri Flash weekly, the TP Bulletin quarterly and all Den correspondence to the membership including tournament announcements, special events (NYE notices, Throwback Tues, lesson changes), often requiring more than one notice. She wrote minutes of BOD meetings (Dec 20, special meetings Dec 3,4). She also sends Welcome letters to all new members (Finance Committee enters new members into Den).

New Business

--Kohlberg asked that candidates running for the TP Board be invited to speak to TPPC members at the cookout on January 7 at 5pm. Kohlberg will send invitations.

--Schneider has ordered TPPC shirts for 2023. She will be selling them at the Courts between January 7 and 14.

Audience Comments

--Holland noted that he, Littlefoot, and Krueger were trained to use and instruct on using the ball machine and could help members. He also said that some of the gates to the courts need adjustment. Kohlberg said he will contact Dienes.

--Trappenburg mentioned to Rocheleau about starting a skinny singles event again.

Knowlton stated the next BOD meeting will be Monday, January 16 at 1pm at the PAC in the Pines Room. The meeting was adjourned at 12:51pm.