Notice of the annual membership meeting

by Bev Crane

SUBJECT: Notice of Timber Pines Pickleball Club (TPPC) Annual Members Meeting

FROM: Timber Pines Pickleball Club Board of Directors

TO: All Members

DATE: Feb 10, 2023

March 13, 2023 1:00PM Performing Arts Center (PAC)

The Timber Pines Pickleball Club Annual Members' Meeting will take place on March 13, 2023 starting at 1:00pm at the PAC. At the Annual Members' Meeting a minimum of forty (40) members of the Club in person shall constitute a quorum.

As required by the Timber Pines Pickleball Club By-Laws, the 2023 Meeting Agenda and 2022 Annual Members' Meeting Minutes are attached to this document. These documents can also be found on the TPPC Website ( The Agenda will be on the Bulletin Board at the PARC Courts.

Members present at the Annual Meeting will elect two (2) Directors to the Timber Pines Pickleball Club Board to serve for three (3) years as stated in the Amended TPPC By-laws passed on December 2, 2020. Members will vote to amend the By-Laws.

A Nomination Committee, comprised of three (3) volunteer Club members (Pat Thayer, Carol Bowe, Peggy Patton), sent an email to all members on February 4, 2023 requesting those who wished to be considered for the two (2) open positions respond to Pat Thayer, Committee Chair by February 24, 2023. The Nomination Committee will prepare a slate of candidates who have agreed to serve to be voted on at the Annual Meeting. The slate will be sent out via the Den on March 6, a week before the Annual Meeting. Note that other members can also declare their candidacy at the meeting before the vote is taken.

The 2022 By-Laws Committee of Sue Hunter, Colleen Stewart and Chris Gottfried will present for approval the final version of the revised By-Laws that they have been working on for many months.

We look forward to seeing you at this important meeting on Wednesday, March 13, at 1pm.

The Timber Pines Pickleball Club Board of Directors Marie Knowlton, President; Cathi Ellingson, Vice-President; Karen Powers, Treasurer; Bev Crane, Secretary/Communications; Mel Kohlberg, Director; Mike Rocheleau, Director; Sue Hunter/Director.

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

TPPC Annual Members’ Meeting Minutes - March 14, 2022

Members present: 120 signed in, creating a quorum Officers present: Knowlton, Dwyer, Crane, D. Rooks, Ellingson, Asbel, Absent - Howard. Knowlton called the meeting to order at 1:05pm on March 14, 2022. She asked for proof of quorum. Sign-in sheets indicated a quorum was present for the March 14, 2022 meeting. A quorum allowed a vote for Club Directors.

Thayer, Chair of the Nominations Committee, reported that 120 members had signed in for the meeting to be able to vote for Directors. She distributed ballots to each member who completed them. Thayer asked if there were any nominations from the Floor. None being received voting was closed at 1:10pm and members of the Nomination Committee collected the ballots. Thayer thanked Committee members and they left the room to count the ballots.

Knowlton thanked the Nominations Committee for their work on nominations. She noted that a POP Up Cookout would be held after the meeting at the Pavilion. She also noted that Rich Ohlenroth would address the membership. She then introduced the Officers and thanked them for their work and ideas and also welcomed new and renewal members.

Director Reports Knowlton asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the March 31, 2021 Member meeting. Minutes were approved unanimously as distributed.

Secretary/Communications Report Crane reported on the Secretary/Communication Director’s responsibilities to keep Club members informed of both Club play and social events and issues before the Club. She described the communications from the Club: TPPC Fix e-newsletter distributed each Friday to all Club members, Club notices placed in the weekly TP Friday Flash and in the TP Bulletin each month. Several other communications included Welcome Letters to new members, announcements of special events (e.g., tournaments, cookouts, socials). She enumerated other communication vehicles: PARC Bulletin Board, the TPPC website and the Club email). She concluded indicating that these communications forwarded an important goal of the TPPC to keep all members up to date and establish comradery among Club members.

Treasurer’s Report Knowlton asked for a motion to approve the 2021 Treasurer’s Report. The motion passed unanimously. Dwyer presented the Treasurer’s Report. He distributed copies of the income/expense report, noting the checkbook starting/ending balance. He stated Club membership was 952. He reported that Mel Kohlberg had performed the 2021 audit of the Club’s books as required by the By-laws. He thanked Bob and Karen Powers, who had assisted with treasurer’s duties including membership.

Vice-President’s Report The Vice-President’s Report was provided in brief by Ralph Holland for Howard.

President’s Report Knowlton reported on high points of activities and events of the Club in 2021 as follows: --She thanked several volunteers: Steve Fortin, webmaster for two (2) years, who created the current website. She also welcomed Bruce Eisenhard, a new TP resident, who had stepped into the role of webmaster, adding several new features. She also thanked the Club photographer Dave Harris for all the photos he has taken to provide a visual representation of Club activities and members. --She summarized special activities like the Ladies Pickleball Clinic, the New Year’s Eve celebration, the BASH, tournaments, and more. --She highlighted other events including initiation of TPPC ideas for the TP 40th Anniversary, reopening of the Saturday night cookouts with Chef Gino in charge, and an Employee Appreciation Luncheon. --She described the opening of the 12 new pickleball courts at the PARC, the excitement and trials associated in getting started especially scheduling. She concluded by reporting on the American Sports Builders Association award: Timber Pines Outdoor Pickleball Facility of the Year.

Conclusion of the Vote Thayer reported that all votes had been counted and two (2) new directors had been elected. Thayer stated that Sue Hunter and Karen Powers had been elected to the two open positions. Knowlton indicated the 7 directors would meet following the Members’ meeting. She also thanked Tom Asbel and Deb Howard for their dedicated services to the TPPC. Knowlton introduced guest speaker TPCA Board President Rich Ohlenroth, who provided a short presentation and answered some questions from members.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10p.

Submitted, by Bev Crane Secretary/Communications



MARCH 13, 2023 1 p.m. Performing Arts Center (PAC)


1. Call to Order
2. Proof of Quorum
3. Nominating Committee
4. President Report
5. Secretary Report - Approval of March 14 2022 Meeting Minutes
6. Treasurer Report
7. Vice President Report
8. Committee Reports
9. Unfinished Business
10. New Business
   Review Proposed By-Law Amendments
12. Q&A
13. Adjournment

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