Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg


The Pickleball Club will be holding its Annual Members’ Meeting on March 28, 2024, at 10am in the PAC. We are seeking members to apply for open positions on the Board of Directors. There are 5 positions available for 2024: three 3-year terms and two 1-year terms. If you are interested and would like to serve on the Pickleball Club Board of Directors, please submit your name, with a short summary of who you are and why you would be a good candidate for the pickleball board. The length of terms of service will be determined immediately after the elections during the Board of Directors Annual Meeting. All those interested in running must submit their name and summary by February 26, 2024. Please send your name/summary to Carol Bowe, or place your document in the box located on front porch at 8340 Sugarbush Drive.


The Pickleball Club Board has approved putting on the March 28th ballot the following change to the By-Laws. If any member has comments or suggestions they would like to be considered regarding this change, please, before February 17th email: tppickleballclub@gmail.com.

“Article IV: Board of Directors”


“C—-Thereafter, at each Annual Members’ Meeting, as terms expire, Director’s positions shall be elected for a term of three (3) years.”


“C—-Thereafter, at each Annual Members’ Meeting, as terms expire, Director’s positions shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.”


“Thank you” to all the people who have volunteered for the Combined-Age event. If you are not signed up to play, come down and watch some great pickleball from 9am-3pm! We are serving a hot dog lunch for only $5 from 11am-2pm each day, so come have lunch and support your club. There are still a few spots open to volunteer as well. We are also looking for a photographer (Can be with your cell phone if it has a good camera) to take pictures throughout the day to put on our website. Please contact Diane at Diane Beaudoin if you can help.


This Saturday we have invited the TPCA Board candidates to speak and answer questions at the cookout. They are slated to begin 6pm at the Pavilion. If you are not signed up to attend the cookout, you are still welcome to attend at 6pm to observe. You will miss out on the great food at the cookout, but can still hear what the candidates have to say and address your questions.


Mark your calendars for our annual Pickleball Bash! It will be held March 22nd at the PAC this year with a catered dinner and a fun dance band! Less work and more fun for our members. We will need volunteers though, to make it all run smoothly.

Please consider joining our bash committee. Contact Diane Beaudoin if you are interested in helping out in any way. We are looking for prize donations, as well.


There are many inconsequential changes to the Official 2024 rules. The ones of any consequence to us are discussed briefly here.

  1. The carry rule – under the new rules, any “carry” is deemed a fault, regardless of “intent”. So, if you’re good enough to actually perform a carry, know it is illegal, even if you didn’t mean to do it.
  2. Replay – going forward, a replay of a point involving a damaged ball will only be allowed if the ball is cracked/broken AND that defect actually affected the point played.
  3. Rally scoring – The powers-that-be have still not come up with a definitive stance on if/when/where rally scoring might be implemented.



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