Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg


As a follow-up to last week’s scheduling notices, which consisted of Beginner- and Intermediate-Level trainings, this week we focus on the Advanced-Leve playersl. You have not been forgotten. So, some Advanced-specific events coming up are Advanced NPU (specifically designed for players who have advanced out of the more Intermediate-Level “regular” daily NPU) to be held Monday thru Saturday mornings at 9-11am, on courts 9-11 and possibly 12, too. Some say “it’s about time” while others say (tongue-in-cheek) “what’s the hurry?” In addition, Mens and Ladies Days will resume in mid-November. Look for an Advanced-Level Skills and Drills starting in January. Lastly, and of immediate importance, starting on Weds, Oct 25, at 11-1pm, on courts 1-2, there is an exciting, new “Get Past Four” clinic, described below:

In typical rec-play pickleball, only one out of four rallies make it past the first four shots. After this clinic you will understand:

· That the objectives for the serve and return sides are different and dictated by the framework and rules of the game

· The ranking of the first four shots from most to least important

· Strategies to employ when on the serve and return side

· Types of shots that will support each of those strategies

· The importance of playing with intentionality


STILL BIG NEWS!! Check the PARC bulletin board and your emails for a comprehensive listing of ALL future events of the Club for the upcoming season from early October through the end of March. Included are the cookouts (including what will be the main dish), a Tournament/Group Games schedule and Special Events.


The next cookout is tomorrow, Saturday, and will be featuring brats (for all us Wisconsin cheese heads or Octoberfesters) and a potato salad contest compliments of Steve Combs and Kevin Gautier. Bring $5 per person and a dish to share with 6-8 folks. Sign-up in The Den and indicate in the comments section what you plan to bring to avoid duplications.


A few items here. First, due to multiple, late sign-up changes for the Wed ABCD Round Robin, sign-up cutoff has been moved up to 2pm on that day. After 2pm the sign-up sheet will be closed.

Next, please respect our rules and consider your fellow members when signing-up for Open Play. Members may only sign-up for one court per time slot. There is no limit to number of members or guests that a member may sign up for that specific court. Members should not use fictitious names or non-playing members as placeholders to block other members from the court. Know that if a club manager notices a violation, or it is brought to their attention, the member (and anyone they signed up) may be removed from the sign-up sheet and courts, at the manager’s discretion.


What? Wait. Shoelaces? We’re serious. There are different techniques for different foot and fit conditions. No joke. Read why they matter at this site …

Shoe-lacing techniques


We proudly present the annual New Year’s Eve Party on Sunday, December 31, 2023 at the Parc Pavilion, from 6:00 pm to 9:00pm. For $30 per person, you get your choice of Prime Rib or Salmon Dinner. Dinner will include Charcuterie Table, Shrimp Cocktail, salad, mashed potatoes, vegetable and dessert. Music and activities throughout the night. Best Hat Contest and door prices. Buy a full table of 8 tickets or single tickets. Checks payable to TPPC or cash. Limited to 100 people. No refunds. Save the date and watch for ticket sale days coming soon!


Notice that Special Olympics coaching is ongoing on Tuesdays at 5-7pm, until Nov 7.


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