Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

Welcome back to all the snowbirds! Club members look forward to seeing the rest of you soon on the Courts! This Sat., Oct. 29 at 5:30pm at the Pavilion is the special OKTOBERWEEN cookout. Get out your favorite Halloween or Octoberfest attire, bring your special dish for 6-8 to accompany the brats and sauerkraut grill master Dale Nevermann will be grilling. It will be a fun evening of good food, music, karaoke and dancing.

Reminders for Week of Nov. 1-7

--PB Lesson/Orientation. A number of Timber Pines residents have recently joined the Club. A lesson is included with your membership. Lessons are on Mon. from 11am-1pm. The next lesson for new/novice players is Mon., Oct. 31 from 11am-1pm at the Courts. Sign up on Den as there is a maximum of 8 members who can participate.

--Tournament Information Session – Nov 1. For those who have wanted to try playing in a tournament but need more information, a 1-hour Information Session about tournament play is being given on Nov. 1 at 11am at the PB Courts Pavilion by Mike Rocheleau, Chair of the Tournament Committee and Certified Instructor. In this 1-hour session, Mike will provide all information about participating in tournaments and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. If you have wanted to play in a tournament but have been unsure of the process, this session will provide you with all the information you need. Mark your calendar for Nov 1 to come out to the Pavilion and then sign up for the first tournament “Turkey Trot” on November 11 before the cutoff date of Nov 8. Sign-up forms and a schedule of all tournament dates are in the boxes at the Courts.

--Date Change: Throwback Tuesday Event. Throwback Tuesday usually the first Tuesday of each month has been changed for the month of November from Tues. Nov 1 to Nov 8 at the Lodge Courts. This event for all women picklers is a throwback to our original Lodge Court play. Four (4) courts will be available for pickleball followed by socializing. Please bring a snack to share, and everyone brings their own drink. For questions call Karen Toof at 303 527-0800. Come play pickleball and socialize with your colleagues. Mark your calendar and show up to play at 5pm. No sign-up necessary. Great fun!

--ABCD. On Wed. and Thurs, Nov. 2, 3 try out the ABCD event from 9-11am on Courts 9-11. This event is designed as a fun event where players of different levels may play together. This allows players to test their skills with players of different abilities with no pressure on winning. Sign up on Den and give it a try! 19 at all levels signed up this Thursday.

TPPC Membership Renewal for 2023

The 2023 membership drive starts Tuesday, November 1. The 2023 membership form will be emailed to all members and will be available at the courts and on our website on November 1. Only one form per Timber Pines address will be necessary. See the email with the 2023 form, for information on where and when you can pay your dues in person.

Den Sign-up Reminders

--Players should sign themselves up on Den for events if at all possible and not leave it to one or two players to sign up a group.

--Do not sign up to play on more than one court at the same time as you are preventing others from signing up to play.

--If you cannot play in an event you signed up for, uncheck your name in Den. If you don’t, you are (1) preventing others from signing up to play AND (2) often you are leaving the remaining players on a court with less than 4 players.

Court Notices. Check the following:

--Parking. Parking will be allowed on the Wellness Center side of the Pavilion for Donny’s event on Wed. nights and the Sat. night cookouts only.

--Lost/Found. Please put any articles found at the courts in the Lost/Found labeled boxes that are placed at Cts 1 and 11. They are checked regularly. Also, please place cracked pickleballs in these boxes.

The Friday Fix will return to a weekly newsletter starting Nov 4.

Keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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