Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg


Please note in the attached PDF, there re Sign-up Closing Times. Particularly, notice the sign-up sheet closes at 2:00pm for the Wednesday ABCD Round Robin.

There will be no “Get Past Four” Clinic on Wed, Nov 22nd due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Our Canadian friends already had their Thanksgiving last month. Now it’s our turn.

Briefly, if you are not getting our weekly/monthly articles … the TPPC Fix, TPCA Timber Times, or TPCA monthly Newsletter, let someone know. Not just anybody, but a member of the Board or other management-level person. You need to be receiving our communications, and you’ll be happy you do.


The first tournament of the year is the Turkey Trot, Nov 17th and 18th. This is a fun tournament for all levels of play. Sign-up with a partner, but if you don’t have one, note that on the enrolment form, and we will try to find you one! Sign up soon, because we only have room for 12 teams in each level. The tournament forms are available at the pickleball courts under the first shade structure. If you can help with registration, court monitor or food sales, please contact our very own dianebeaudoin21@gmail.com.


We proudly present the annual New Year’s Eve Party on Sunday, December 31, 2023, at the PARC Pavilion, from 6-9pm. For $30 per person, you get your choice of a Prime Rib or Salmon Dinner. Dinner will include Charcuterie Table (such big words…but have you ever experienced Melanie’s artistic, culinary spread?), Shrimp Cocktail, salad, mashed potatoes, vegetable and dessert. Music and activities throughout the night. Best Hat Contest and door prizes. Buy a full table of 8 or single tickets and sit at an open table.


New stuff coming to you … Tue, Nov 14, 1pm, Lodge Porch, TPPC BOD meeting. Always full of surprises. || Tue, Nov 14, 5-8pm, Men’s Day returns || Thu, Nov 16, 1-4pm, Ladies Day returns || Sat, Nov 18, 5:30pm, cookout.


Please read the attached supplement addressing Levels of Play and how they relate to our popular Next Paddle Up (NPU) play. This should answer many questions. Also, and again, and again, and again, please respect our rules and be considerate of your fellow members when signing-up in The Den. Especially in the 9-11am time slot, which is our highest demand period, members may only sign-up for one court in any one time slot. While we can’t yet control the number of members or guests that a member may sign up for a specific court, we are hoping you will help us allow more members to play. Members should not use fictitious names or non-playing members as placeholders to block other members from the court. Please don’t book practice/training sessions at 9-11am, too. Know that if a club manager notices a violation, or it is brought to their attention, the member (and anyone they signed up) may be removed from the sign-up sheet, at the manager’s discretion. And finally, as the snowbirds return to paradise and want to play, be aware that if you are on the Wait List for a court, you are not playing on that court unless enough of the players in the original 6 drop out or you’re specifically invited to join them. Please be mindful and respective of the Levels of Play we defined (see below) just last week. Challenging yourself is one thing; playing over your head is quite another. We are doing our best to protect the integrity of our level-specific play. We need your help to pull this off. We are here for you to deliver the best product possible to you.


We work with all levels of play in Timber Pines … A, B, C, and D. We have also used the words Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner. Here is what this all means …

When Advanced is used to describe an event, this means anyone who consistently plays in the A category. Many of these players are actually rated at a 3.5 or above. We even have a few in TP, who are rated above 4.0. They would play in the Advanced category in tournaments as well, and normally do play tournaments.

Intermediate means in the range of B+ to B- or approximately a 2.5-3.4 rating category: you would play in intermediate in a tournament; you can consistently get your serve in, although not consistent in placement; able to hit medium paced shots with forehand, but may lack directional intent and consistency; you may avoid using backhand or lack directional intent and consistency, able to dink, but may not be able to sustain a dink rally; you understand fundamentals of strategy and are learning proper court positioning; know the rules and can keep score and most are now playing in tournaments; and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Beginner is a player with limited experience; they can serve the ball and can sustain a short rally with players of equal ability; they have the ability to keep score; these players would normally not play in tournaments, but we do often offer a novice category in our tournaments here in TP, because we like to be all-inclusive in our events. See a more in-depth explanation

Note - If a person cannot move quickly enough due to physical restrictions, then their rating will be reduced according to such limitations as related to the game.

We ask that if a court is earmarked for Advanced, that you only sign-up for this court if you can be considered an A player and play in the Advanced division in tournaments. If you consistently lose games, please consider moving to the Intermediate games.


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