Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

Message from the Board of Directors

The next open Board meeting will be held on Monday, November 21, at 6:30 p.m. in the Cypress Room at the Lodge. As always, all members are invited to attend.

60 members signed up for the Wed. night ABCD event. Thanks to Marie Knowlton, who organized the event, and to all of those who played. Sign up is available now on the Den for ABCD, Wed., Nov. 23. (Note: If you must drop out, please click the gray box next to the Event Name to remove yourself and enable others, especially those on the waitlist to sign up.)


Thanks to all of our members who are willing to donate their time to help with Club activities. With a Club of more than 1100 members, you are a necessary part of keeping the Club running, and we appreciate your help. You can also get to know new players at the same time.

TPPC T-shirts – Thanks to volunteers who signed up to help with TPPC t-shirts sales this year and to Robin Schneider for being willing to oversee the process.

We will need more volunteers for upcoming events, especially the New Year’s Eve Party on Dec. 31 (e.g., decorations, setup, cleanup, entertainment). Contact Coordinators: Karen Toof or Carol Bowe to volunteer and for more information about the Party. More details soon.

Update on Weekly Scheduled Events

The events schedule is available for sign-up on the Den. Click the calendar and the date and event you want to sign up for on Den. It is also available on the TPPC Website and posted on the Courts Bulletin Board.

Free Clinic

There will be a FREE Clinic given by Mike Rocheleau at 9am on Tuesday, Nov.22. Please sign up on the Den. See the flyer with details .

Lesson Schedules

--Lessons/Orientation on Mon. Nov 21 and 28 from 1-3pm. This is a change from the previous time of 11am-1pm. On Den select Play Type Beginner Class.

-- Beginner Lessons with Mentor, a new session, is on Fridays. (Nov 18 and 25 from 1-3 pm). Sign up on the Den for 4 courts with a limit of 16 members total for any of these sessions. Select Play Type Beginner Class.

Play Events – Sign up on Den

--Men’s Day on Tues, 1-5pm, coordinator Bob Powers

--Ladies Day on Thurs. 1-5pm – coordinators: Patty Rocheleau, Pat Thayer, Robin Schneider

--Partners ABCD, Fri, 5pm - stay with Partner for all games

--Mixed Partners, Sun, 5pm - stay with partner for all games

Cookout, Sat, 5:30pm - Cookout Coordinators: K, Toof, Carol Bowe, members encouraged to volunteer to help.

2023 Membership Renewal. Please use the 2023 membership form (at the Courts and on the website) for new and renewing membership. New members get the rest of 2022 included with their 2023 payment. Fill out the 2023 form and place it in the PB Box with the $10 yearly dues. Next in-person dues collection is Mon., Nov 28.at the Lodge, 10am-12noon. To make the renewal easier for TPPC to process, please submit renewals by December 14.

See you on the Courts and keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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