Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

Early Edition


Under separate mailing is a flyer announcing the Annual Reindeer Games – a FUN event on Christmas Day honoring the memory of Margaret Johnson-Stevenson. Print the form either downloading the form, from the website, or at the PARC Club mailbox and get it to Tom Asbel NO LATER THAN Thursday, Dec 14. You won’t regret it.


And don’t forget the Lodge courts offer the same six yellow-painted pickleball courts we grew up on. Sign-ups are available in the TPCA Jonas system. Along with the above morning hours changes, there should be more than enough court space to handle anyone looking for a court.


BTW, please do not forget to get your 2024 membership renewed by Christmas in order for you to remain active in the Den and allow the Committee time to process your renewal before Jan 1. Know that if you fail to renew before end of the year, you will lose all functionality of the Den, including sign-ups to play, receiving TPPC messages, etc. Renewal forms are available at the PARC by the Club mail box, and on line at our website where the form can be downloaded. A reminder letter sent this week by Membership Committee to all non-renewals. Dues for 2024 were approved previously at $15 per person.


The last 2023 cookout is this Saturday, the 16th, featuring Turkey Pot Pies lovingly prepared for you by Pat Thayer and Karen Toof. A meal not to be missed. Hurry to sign-up by Thursday before 5:30pm. The first 2024 cookout is January 6. Presently Barb Kabzinsky is scheduled to be preparing Cabbage Rolls. As always, bring $5 to get in, and bring a dish to pass and share with up to eight people. We are still looking for volunteers to help for set-up, break-down, and everything in between. Please, please contact Diane Beaudoin to volunteer. No change in the rate of volunteer pay … sorry.

And while we’re at it, the Cookout for January 20 needs a guest chef and a main course. Without a continued list of helpers, we can not continue these wonderful events. COLD HARD FACT, if we don’t support these events – notably cookouts and Wednesday evening ABCD Round Robins - they will cease to exist. We may be forced to go back to once each month for cookouts. Or maybe worse. We all need to support these functions. Thanks in advance for stepping up.


All expenses for the Cookouts and Wednesday evening ABCD Round Robin events are coming entirely from tournament entry fees and concession sales, and none is coming from our Dues.

With all the No-Shows for cookouts, we are losing revenues from people expected to be dining but who don’t cancel on time or simply don’t come. We purchase food based on the number of members signed-up. When fewer people attend or pay, we are stuck with excess, unused food which the Club paid for. Please be responsible and pay, even if you don’t show.


The scheduling committee has gotten together, and after sifting through many suggestions, complaints, and data from the Den, has come up with a new Next Paddle Up (NPU) schedule. This is the Club responding to your needs and wants. We hear you, and we work to make it happen.

Within level A and level B, we have consistently had a waitlist to play. Since we have seen first-hand that most people play for only 1½ hours in the paddle up format, we have changed the NPU times as follows:

Level A and Level B will now have two NPU sessions each day. The 1st session will be 8:00-9:30am, and the 2nd session will be 9:30-11:00am. This way, 48 people will be able to play in NPU in each level per day, double the previous capacity of 24. We ask that you only sign up to play on one of these sessions per day to give as many people as possible the chance to play.

Level C has had less people sign up, so for now, we will continue their NPU at only one session 9:00-11:00am each day. We ask the C level players to let us know if they feel they need more sessions. We will also be watching the data from the Den to see if it warrants a change.


Continuing the conversation of scheduling, please take note of the following future changes. Due to a lack of participation, the following events are cancelled until further notice: ABCD, ABCD Partners, ABCD Skinny Singles, second Ball Machine training, second NPU – Level D. New addition is Partner Social for A and B players. Taking place Fridays, 5-7pm, courts 5-8, max 24. This event is described as … a fun evening of pickleball with a partner of your choice from 5-7 pm. There will be a social get together following the play. It will be BYOB and bring an appetizer to share with the participants.


With the influx of northern snowbirds coming to the courts, we need to be mindful of the parking situation. Golf carts have lots of spaces designated for them all around the PARC, but there is not a lot of parking designated for autos. We ask that golf carts not park in spaces that are clearly for autos. And likewise for cars.


With all the above schedule changes, please see the attached PDF detailing everything on-going and forth-coming. Watch for the start dates. Also consult the official Schedule posted in the website and the PARC Bulletin Board.

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