Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

Message from the Cookout Committee

If you have signed up for the Taco Cookout tomorrow Dec 3 and did not put the fixing that you are going to bring in the Comment section on the Den, the following are still needed: tortilla chips, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and taco shells.

--After dinner stay around and play BINGO! Patty Rocheleau has Bingo cards ($5/card for 10 games) and will run the game. Thank you. See you there!

Weekly Update

--Wednesday Night Mixer, Nov 30 (5-7pm). Mike Rocheleau will conduct the Wed. Night Mixer. Please sign up on Den and be there by 4:50pm.

--Lessons: Beginner Lesson will be Monday (Dec 5) and Friday Beginner Class with Mentor (Dec 9), both 1-3pm. Sign up on Den for maximum of 8 players (Mon) and 16 players (Fri). Any questions, contact Cathi Ellingson 414-217-0232.

-- Ladies Day, Thurs, Dec 8, 1-5p. Sign up on Den and check in at courts no later than 1pm.

--The New Ball Machine needs some work but is currently functional when plugged into AC power.

--The Tennis Club has especially invited the Pickleball Club to a singalong they are sponsoring featuring Christmas Carols we know and love on Tues. Dec.6, 4:30pm at the Lakes Pro Shop lot. Get into the holiday spirit and come sing!

2023 Membership Renewal. Please use the 2023 membership form (at the Courts and on the website) for new and renewing membership. New members get the rest of 2022 included with their 2023 payment. Fill out the 2023 form and place it in the PB Box with the $10 yearly dues. All future renewals will be at the Courts as follows:

Saturday 12/3, 5-7pm, Monday 12/5, 9-11am, Wednesday 12/7, 4-6pm, Saturday 12/10, 5-7pm, Monday 12/12, 9-11am, Wednesday 12/14, 4-6pm.

To make the renewal easier for TPPC to process, please submit renewals by December 14.

Tournament Coming Soon

Watch for information on the Reindeer Games Tournament: December 25. A flyer with more details on the tournament will follow this week.

Note: Volunteers will be needed. Contact Patty Rocheleau (ptr141@hotmail.com)

Event Sign-ups on Den

Check the latest Calendar of Events posted on the Courts Bulletin Board and on the TPPC website at https://www.tppickleballclub.org/calendar and make sure to sign up on Den for the event you want to play in. Note: You can only play on one court at a time so please do not sign up for two courts in the same time period. We also encourage players to sign themselves up so that you and a friend do not sign the same person up at the same time on different courts. Remove your name ASAP if you cannot play so others can fill your spot.

Notices: Upkeep of the Courts

--A wooden box with medical supplies is under the first shade area on the Courts. If you use the Medical Bag, please restore it to its usable condition. In the heat of the moment you may tear through it but after the emergency put it back in order for the next time it is needed. Thanks to volunteers Bob Dalley and Pat Thayer for keeping these bags stocked with medical items.

--Recently it was discovered that 2 of the court rollers used to dry the courts have been damaged. If you have any info on this, please contact the BOD at tppickleballclub@gmail.com.

Note from Bill Kehoe on his illness at the courts: The memory of my experience at the courts on Thanksgiving Day morning is pretty hazy but I know a lot of people helped take care of me in my moment of need. I'm eternally grateful to you all, and also for the many words and acts of sympathy and encouragement I've received since then. It's a huge morale-booster to have so many wonderful friends and acquaintances here in Timber Pines. I look forward to playing with you all again in the near future. Thank you for everything.

See you on the Courts and keep on picklin’,

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