Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

Message from the Cookout Committee

Approximately 74 people had a great dinner of tacos and other Mexican sides at the Taco Cookout on Saturday organized by Cathi Ellingson and Bonnie Schmink. After dinner many players stayed to play Bingo led by Patty Rocheleau who distributed Bingo cards and ran 10 games with winners receiving monetary prices. A lot of work by organizers and volunteers went into putting this particular cookout together. Make sure to thank them and volunteer to help at another cookout!!

Cookout, Sat., Dec. 10 - The main dish for this Saturday’s cookout on December 10 is grilled hamburgers with fixings, (ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, tomato, onion, lettuce), bring salads such as potato salad, macaroni salad, green salads, etc. There will be a "Horse Race Game" (betting game) hosted by Patti Rocheleau after dinner. Bring coins, .05, .10, and/or .25 cents to play. Volunteers are needed to register participants, set up/take down and clean up afterwards. Registration closes for each cookout on Thurs. at 5pm so sign up early!

From Sue Hunter, IT Support . PLEASE consider NOT changing your PB Den password from the default 222Timber! It is only for Pickleball and I guarantee that no one will hack your Den page! It makes it so much easier for me to help when you have problems.

Weekly Update

--Men’s Day, Tues. Dec 13, 1-5pm

--Wednesday Night Event starting Dec 14 (5-7pm): This event will revert to a regular ABCD event. Note: If a member(s) is interested in volunteering to run ABCD on Wed. night or has another idea for the event, please contact the Club to volunteer.

-- Ladies Day, Thurs, Dec 15, 1-5p. Sign up on Den and check in at courts no later than 1pm.

-- Next Paddle Up (NPU) on Saturdays from 5-7pm has been changed to Open Play.

Training and Development

We are excited to bring back the skills and drills class on Wednesdays starting at 1pm. Players will get to focus on things they may be having issues with while also working on new strategies. Join us, if you would like to improve your game! Class is limited to 8 players on Cts 1& 2. Wed, Dec 14 - 1-3pm. Please contact Deb Howard if you have any questions.

--New Member Orientation & Beginner Lessons are Mon, Dec 12 - 1-3 on courts 1 & 2. This is for members who have little or no knowledge of pickleball play. Limit 8 players.

--Beginner/Novice Play with a Mentor – Mon, Dec 19 - 1-3pm, courts 3 & 4. This is a great place to start playing pickleball after you've taken a couple of lessons. A mentor will be on the courts helping you with scoring, positioning and strategy. Limit 8 players. Contact Cathi Ellingson with questions.

--Friday Lessons - 1-3pm - Courts 1 - 4. The lessons on Friday are designed to help build skills of beginner players. Lessons will combine beginner skills and drills with practice play. Limit 16. Contact Cyndee Hamblen or Bonnie Schmink with questions.

All training classes will continue each week. Watch the Friday Fix for any time or schedule changes.

TPPC New Year’s Eve Party

There are still a few tickets available for the TPPC New Year’s Eve Party. You received a notice this week . Fill out that form and drop it off with the $25 fee in the pickleball box at the Courts. You can also purchase tickets at the Courts at the Cookout on Sat. Dec 10 starting at 5:00pm. There are also some flyers in the pickleball box at the courts. Get your tickets now for a great dinner, and welcome in the New Year with your pickleball colleagues. Note: Volunteers are still needed to help with the Party. To help, contact co-chairs Karen Toof or Carol Bowe

2023 Membership Renewal

Please use the 2023 membership form (at the Courts and on the website) for new and renewing membership. New members get the rest of 2022 included with their 2023 payment. Fill out the 2023 form and place it in the PB Box with the $10 yearly dues. There will only be one more in person renewal on Dec 12, 9-11am at the Courts. To make the renewal easier for TPPC to process, please submit renewals by December 14.

Upcoming Reindeer Games Tournament

You received an email from Den on Tues. Dec 6 on the upcoming Reindeer Games Tournament to be held on December 25. The flyer attached to that email explained how the games will be played, had the form to fill out, and also where/when to give your tournament registration fee donation for Kathy’s K-9 Rescue for pets and Grace Presbyterian church’s Christmas food drive. Collection times for the donations are also on that flyer. Even if you are not playing in the tournament, any members may want to drop off a donation at the Courts. Additional flyers are in the pickleball boxes at the Courts. Note: Volunteers will be needed for the tournament and collecting donations. Contact Patty Rocheleau to volunteer to help at the tournament and Pat Thayer for donations.

Event Sign-ups on Den

Check the latest Calendar of Events now posted on Den through December 19. Sign up for events that interest you. The remaining December dates will be available later in the month. This is a busy time of year so only sign up for those times/events you can attend. Remove your name ASAP if you cannot play so others can fill your spot.

See you on the Courts and keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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