Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

Tournament Chairs Mike and Patty Rocheleau have organized two full days of pickleball events. The Memorial Tournament was scheduled to start today Friday from 8-5pm and will continue Saturday, Feb 25 from 7:30am until 5pm in honor of Club members who have passed in this last year.

Friday 24th - Check-in for all Women’s Divisions was delayed due to rainy weather this morning Fri. 24th. After a later start, games were still continuing at 12 noon. Men's Advanced & Intermediate Divisions sign in and warm up will begin following the end of the Women’s Divisions. Come on up for the afternoon sessions. Hotdogs are also on sale. The weather is now great!

Saturday 25th - Advanced Division will be on Sat. 25th. Sign-in is at 7-7:30am and play begins at 8am. Intermediate A Division sign-in is from 11:30-12:00noon with play starting at 12:30pm.

Remember there will be Hot Dog sales each day, $5.00 per meal. Enjoy two full days of pickleball cheering for your colleagues. Good luck everyone and most of all Have Fun!!!

Thanks to all who volunteered to help with the tournament—checking in players for each session, monitoring play on the courts each day, cooking and selling hotdogs, and setting-up/cleaning up. All your hard work and the expertise of players who participated make for two exciting days of pickleball. Notify your friends to come out and cheer on all players.

TPPC Annual Meeting – Monday, March 13

The TPPC Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, March 13 at 1:00pm at the PAC. Two important votes will take place at the beginning of the meeting. Members must be present in order to vote.

--Voting for two (2) Directors (3-year terms) will take place at the beginning of the meeting. You will receive bios on candidates running for these two Board positions on the Den tomorrow Saturday, Feb. 25. Read them carefully in order to vote at the beginning of the Annual Meeting on Mon., March 13. The votes will then be counted and the new Directors announced.

--Voting for Revised TPPC By-Laws will also take place at the meeting.

Other Notices

-- The ball machine will not be available from Saturday evening, Feb 25 until Monday morning, Feb 26. It is being tested for repair functions.

-- Only one table (8 places) is still available on the Lodge Porch for the TPPC BASH on Friday, March 10. Contact

Please mark your calendars for Gals Throwback Tuesday, March 7 instead of Thursday as in Feb. Stop by the Lodge Courts at 5pm for some pickleball. Bring a snack and your drink to socialize with your pickleball colleagues. Lots of fun for everyone.

Bike Racks at the Courts

Thank you to Tom Bowen and Stuart Dienes who met with President Marie Knowlton Thurs. morning to review the placement of the two bicycle racks. The bike racks currently fit 2 - 4 bikes but they spill out onto the sidewalk and the opposite side of the rack cannot be used due to landscaping. Next week the bike racks will be moved to a spot near the vehicle entrance on the left side where the safety cones are currently placed. The spaces will be striped for bikes and the racks will hold 8 bikes comfortably.

Training and Development

--T & D will be the same as previous weeks with lessons resuming on Friday March 3. No training this week due to the Tournament.

--Another ball machine session will take place on March 1 at the same time, same court.

Saturday Night Cookout at 5:30pm (March 4)

The March Saturday Cookout will take place at the Pavilion at 5:30pm on March 4. The main dish will be fried chicken. Cookout cost is $5 per person. Please bring a dish to share with 6-8 persons. Members and their guests sign up on the Den by 5pm this Thursday 2nd before the scheduled Cookout. Registration will close at that time. When signing up, please list what you would like to bring in the edit comments section under your name on the Den.

Please attend this important 2023 TPPC Annual Meeting on March 13 at 1pm at the PAC.

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