Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg


Mark your calendars to be sure you attend this month’s regular Board of Directors meeting. We’ll be convening in the Education Room of the Wellness Center on Tuesday, February 13, at 1:00pm sharp. The Meeting Agenda has been sent to you via Den Message. Who wouldn’t want to experience this first hand? Come be heard.


The Pickleball Club will be holding our Annual Members’ Meeting on March 28, 2024, at 10am in the PAC. Among other matters, we are seeking members to apply for open positions on the Club Board of Directors. There are five positions available for 2024: three 3-year terms and two 1-year terms. If you are interested and would like to serve on the Pickleball Club Board of Directors, please submit your name, along with a short summary of who you are and why you would be a good candidate for the pickleball board. The terms of service will be determined immediately after the Members’ Meeting elections during the Board of Directors Annual Meeting. All those interested in running must submit their name and summary by February 26, 2024. Please send your name/summary to Carol Bowe or place your submission in the box located on the front porch at Sugarbush.


Our next cookout is being presented by some of our Canadian friends on February 17th! It is going to be a hamburger barbecue. Condiments, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and pickles will be provided. When you sign-up on the Den, please indicate in your comment if you want a hamburger, cheeseburger, or veggie burger. Anyone who does not indicate which will receive a hamburger. Please also bring a side dish or dessert to share with up to eight people. $5 charge. Let’s have some fun, eh? (get it?)


The Bash tickets sold out fast! If you were one of the lucky ones to have bought tickets, and later find you are not able to attend for any reason, please contact Diane Beaudoin as there is a wait list of the less fortunate.


Look for our next tournament flyer coming out soon. We will be holding our Annual Member/Member Memorial Tournament on February 23rd and 24th, honoring all those friends and relatives of our TP pickleball club who have passed away. Come down for the opening ceremony and stay and have lunch with us. We will be grilling our famous Hot Dogs available with condiments, relish or sauerkraut, and accompanied by chips and a drink all for $5.00! Best lunch deal in town!


A cardiac arrest can happen to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Be prepared to save a loved one, friend, neighbor, fellow pickleball player, or a complete stranger. Contact Pat Thayer by February 14 if you are interested in a class to be held in March or April. We need at least 8 people.


Please see the Schedule of Events below. Look closely for the new times and courts assignments which started January 29, 2024, especially for A/B players. Once again, the Scheduling Committee responding to your every wish!!


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