Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

The Bash - A gigantic thank you to the Bash Committee and all volunteers who helped. All was wonderful - complete sellout, great food, great music, beautiful decorations, delicious ice cream bar, $1,100 in door prizes supporting the TPCA CC, $440 in the 50-50 tp the Club. What a night!

Annual Meeting - The Club's Amended and Restated By-laws were approved at the Annual Members' Meeting last Monday, March 13. Thank you to all the members (an amazing 224 in total) who came to the meeting, shared comments and suggested amendments to the proposed By-Laws, thus helping move the Club forward. We now have the ability to implement absentee voting, possibly as soon as next year. This was a last minute addition to the By-Laws. The final signed version is available to anyone requesting it. It will also be posted on the Club website. If you are interested in serving on a committee to make absentee voting happen, please email tppickleballclub@gmail.com.

Board and Officers – Congrats to Tom Asbel and Marsha Lorenzen for having been elected by the membership during the annual meeting to serve 3-year terms on the TPPC Board of Directors. Right after the membership meeting, the Directors met and elected the following officers to serve a 1-year term: President – Marie Knowlton; Vice President – Sue Hunter; Treasurer – Karen Powers; Secretary – Mel Kohlberg. Good luck to all.

First Aid Corner – Re: CPR/AED Classes

Anyone Interested?? If there is enough interest we will hold a CPR/AED certification class. Please email Pat Thayer with your name and phone number. We need 8- 12 people to sponsor a class. The cost is $35.00. Let Pat know soon so we can schedule it in the next 6 weeks. There is a video about our AED which you can find here If a person collapses at the courts, Call 911 and the South Gate, and don’t hesitate to grab the AED which is located on the wall in the Pavilion and the first aid kit even if we may not need it.

Tournament - Last tournament of the year is a Blind Draw and is on Friday and Saturday (March 24th & 25th). Flyers have been sent out and there are some at the courts as well. Limited to 20 people per event level. There will be hot dog sales each day as well.

ABCD - Also remember the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening ABCD events. Sign up.

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