Pickleball Fix CamAm Games

by Bev Crane

Check the Fix early for this week, so you don’t miss information on some of the events occurring March 3 and 4 (Friday and Saturday).

CanAm Border Patrol Games – Friday, March 3

Tournament Chairs Mike and Patty Rocheleau have organized the CanAm Border Patrol Games which is taking place as you receive the Fri Fix. The Canadian (Peggy Patton) and U.S. (Carol Bowe) team leaders have their teams participating all day in a variety of games including golf, pickleball, shuffleboard, and cornhole. Good luck everyone and most of all Have Fun!!!

Thanks to all who volunteered to help with the tournament—organizing and checking in players for each session, monitoring play. All your hard work and the expertise of players who participated make the CanAm competition an exciting game day. Notify your friends to come out and cheer all players.

Saturday Night Cookout at 5:30pm (March 4) – Cookout is sold out!

The March Saturday Cookout will take place at the Pavilion at 5:30pm on March 4. The main dish will be fried chicken. Cookout cost is $5 per person. Please bring a dish to share with 6-8 persons. Enjoy the music and dancing too!

Cookout Clarification on Waitlist

There is still a waitlist of 20 for the Cookout. If any on the Active list cancel, those next in line on the Waitlist will be notified that they are now on the active list for the cookout so they should come as is standard procedure.

Learning & Development

The T& D sessions will remain the same this week except for Ball Machine Demonstrations on Wednesdays at 1pm which will now be once a month starting April 5, and skipping May. Ball machine demos may go to “on demand” sessions if demand lessens. Players can then contact an instructor to do a ball machine demonstration.

TPPC Annual Meeting – Monday, March 13

The TPPC Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, March 13 at 1:00pm at the PAC. Two important votes will take place at the Members meeting. Members must be present in order to vote.

--Voting for two (2) Directors (3-year terms) will take place at the meeting. You have already received emails from the Den containing bios from the candidates running for these two Board positions. Read them carefully in order to vote at the Annual Members Meeting on Mon., March 13. The votes will then be counted and the new Directors announced at the meeting.

--Review and voting for Revised TPPC By-Laws will also take place at the Members’ meeting. Any by-laws questions, contact Sue Hunter tppickleballclub@gmail.com.

Notices on Upcoming Events

--Please mark your calendars for Gals Throwback Tuesday, March 7 instead of Thursday as in Feb. Stop by the Lodge Courts at 5pm for some pickleball. Bring a snack and your drink to socialize with your pickleball colleagues. Lots of fun for all.

--The BASH at the Lodge on March 10 is sold out! If you can’t go, send an email to tppickleballclub@gmail.com and we will try to re sell or pass on your ticket.

--TPPC Gals Getaway 2024

There will be a meeting for the TPPC Gals Getaway 2024 on Thursday, March 30, from 10:30am -12 noon at the PARC Pavilion with the owner of Travelworld and a Royal Caribbean representative. They will answer questions and go through specifics of the Allure of the Seas cruise ship. Please bring paper and pen to take notes. Cabins are still available for the cruise. Direct any questions to Barb Lacek.

Good news! The Den issue with members using In app notifications not being able to open PDF files in Den has been fixed. Please let Sue Hunter know if you have any further problems.

Please attend the important 2023 TPPC Annual Meeting on March 13 at 1pm at the PAC. See you there!

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