Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

Lodge Courts – One of the lights over the Lodge Tennis/Pickleball courts has been removed. There are presently no plans to replace it.

Charities – Pat Thayer has produced a form whereby a member can request Charitable Contributions to your favorite charity in Hernando County. Forms are attached as a PDF to a special Den message that went out today. They are also available at the courts. Completed forms can be put in the Club mail box at the courts. Due Date for submission is April 28.

Cookouts – If you sign up to attend a cookout and can’t attend, PLEASE take yourself off the sign-up sheet ASAP so others can attend in your place. Please be considerate of those on the waiting list.

New Events/Games – Pieter T is bringing back Skinny Singles at the Lodge courts. Expected start date is April 27 at 4pm. This will be especially useful for newer players. Watch for more details on Den messages. In addition, stay tuned for announcements regarding the formation of League play, likely on an ABCD basis.

Novice Next Paddle Up – We have started a Beginner-level Next Paddle Up game beginning Wednesday, April 19, 9:00 am, on Courts 10 and 11. Sign up in the Den. Novice only.

Volunteerism – Your Club runs on volunteer power. Please consider making yourself available to help out in soooo many areas. Patty Rocheleau has accepted the position of Volunteer Coordinator to centralize and organize the uses of volunteers. Please join in by contacting her.

Meeting Minutes - Having trouble finding the BOD meeting minutes? Click on the “website” link in your Den page or go to tppickleballclub.org. In the search box, enter “minutes”. Click on the search button. The minutes will open. Select the date you wish to view. Remember that meeting minutes are approved at the next Board meeting before they are published. Depending on meeting schedules, as well as our Web Masters schedule, there may be a delay in publishing the minutes.

Heat Stroke – See below for a comprehensive article all about Heat Stroke and Sun Stroke. Important as the heat turns on.

Heat stroke happens when the body is no longer able to reduce its core temperature. Prolonged exposure to heat, high energy activity and a decrease in hydration can cause heat stroke. Other factors may include age, certain medications and overall health. Sweating is the main mechanism that the body initiates to help cool down the core temperature. Early signs of impending heat stroke are lack of sweating, flushed appearance, dizziness, nausea, and inability to focus.

Treatment of heat stroke is to remove the player to a shady place, provide hydration with water, electrolyte solution and cooling towels or cloths. Call 911 if player becomes faint or disoriented. This can be a life threatening event if left untreated.

Prevention of heat stroke consists of hydration before and during physical activity in hot temperatures. Protect the body with sunscreen, hats and sun block clothing. Take breaks.

The major lesson is know your limitations and alert your team members if you are not feeling well.

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