Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

First Aid – The two First Aid kits are now located at the first and third shade structures at the courts. Signs are prominently displayed to mark their location.

Cookouts – The next cookout will be on Saturday, May 6, 5:30pm, at the Pavilion. On the menu is pulled pork. Bring what you can … the usual, to feed up to eight people. BYOB only. PLEASE, if you’re signed up on the Den for the cookout, please, please, please take your name off the signups the minute you learn you won’t be there. There are almost always folks on the waiting list eager to take your place.

Board Candidates – Last week, Director Mike Rocheleau tendered his resignation from the Board of Directors. Clearly, he has left a big void in our leadership and governance. We are seeking qualified, motivated members to replace him. Please send an email to the Club expressing your interest in holding a Director’s seat and explain why you believe you could contribute to our Board and Club. Send us an email. See below.

Board Meetings – Upcoming there will be a closed BOD session next Friday, April 28, 12:30pm, in the Lodge Cypress Room regarding a Personnel Matter. Immediately following that is the regular monthly BOD meeting (to take the place of a May meeting), as always open to the public. We are expecting to appoint a new member to the Board following Mike Rocheleau’s resignation (above).

Paddles – We are seeking extra, gently used paddles to be kept at the courts to be available for beginners and guests.

NPU – Attention players, there is a new game in town … for beginner level and Clevel players. The game is Next Paddle Up and it will be this Wednesday at 9:00am on Courts 9 and 10.

Skinny Singles - Also, the first session of Piet Trappenburg (and Bill Kehoe) Skinny Singles games will be dedicated to instruction. Takes place at the Lodge courts, Thursday, April 27, 4:00-6:00pm. This is principally for beginner level players, but more advanced players are welcome, too. The following week begins league play. Piet and Bill can explain format.

Watch a demo

Volunteers – We are looking for volunteers to help fill open positions on the Nominations/Elections Committee; and we’re looking for some tech- savvy members to participate on two Ad Hoc committees … one being the Software Research Committee and the other for Absentee Ballots. Send your message of interest on these committees to us

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