Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

The TPPC Board Meeting Notice

The TPPC Board will meet in an open meeting on Monday, April 25 at 3pm at the Country Club.

U.S. Open Pickleball Tournament

Year 6 of the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships kicks off this weekend. The U.S. Open Pickleball Tournament takes place in Naples, FL from April 24-30. There is no charge to watch pros and amateurs throughout the park and browse the US Open Expo. Check the link for more info about the Open at https://usopenpickleballchampionship.com/events.html.

Pickleball players and fans who can’t make it to Naples for the week-long celebration can watch the men’s and women’s pro doubles finals live on CBS Sports Network on April 30 from 7-9 pm ET. The tournament will also be streamed on the Pickleball Channel from April 24-30. The Pickleball Channel Live at https://www.pickleballchannel.com/live also shows the Global Livestream Schedule, including all pro matches--singles, doubles, men's and women's.

The TPPC has the following players participating:

Tom and Pam Asbel on Sat 4/30, (don't have a time yet)

Nancy Amaro on Thur 4/28, 1pm

Relax, take some time and watch some excellent pickleball.

April Schedule

The April Schedule went into effect on April 1. It is now posted on the PARC Bulletin Board. Den sign-up is available each week from Thurs through the following Sunday.

Current changes to the schedule:

--Orientation/Lessons - Mon. changed to 5-7pm, Cts 1-2

--Intermediate Skills - Mon. changed to 5-7pm, Cts 3-4

--Donny’s ABCD, Wed. Night changed to 5-7pm and 7-9pm


--Men’s Day - 5-7pm - Tuesday - Courts 1-8

--Ladies’ Day - 5-7pm - Thursday - Courts 1-8

NOTE: Sign-up for instruction sessions is limited. Guests may not be signed up for Lessons, Skills, or Beginner Play with Mentor.

Saturday Cookout: The cookout main dish for Saturday April 23 (tomorrow evening) at 5:30pm at the PARC will be meatball subs. List the dish you are bringing in the Comment line in the Den each week when signing up. Come and enjoy!

Keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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