Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

Board membership – As we all know, Director Mike Rocheleau recently submitted his resignation from the Board, citing health reasons. Thank you Mike for your dedicated service to the Board and membership since your appointment last November. In response to the Board’s request for candidates to fill his position, we received an impressive letter of interest from Diane Beaudoin, who was elected to the Board by acclimation effective today. Welcome our newest Board member, Diane.

Ball machines – The big, blue ball machine, known as the Simon-X, is back in operation on battery power. No more cord and floor mat to be trip hazards. We think the manufacturer is willing to send us a replacement unit under its warranty provisions. In addition, Ken Krueger has researched alternate machines, and we believe TPCA is willing to purchase a new ERNE ball machine for the Club to add to our arsenal, making a total of three machines available for training. Check it out at www.ernepickleballmachine.com. Due to ship in September.

Beginner Training – Most other lessons sessions are on hold for the summer months. There will, however, still be beginner lessons starting May 8, with a minimum of 4 players. Further, on Wednesdays, at Courts 9 and 10, there will be Next Paddle Up games for beginning level players. Finally, Pieter T and Bill Kehoe will be mentoring beginner-level Skinny Singles on Thursday afternoons at the Lodge Courts. Their first session was yesterday, and we hear a lot of positives from the 6 or 8 participants.

Ad Hoc committees – The Software research ad hoc currently is only Bruce Eisenhard, which limits the amount of research coming from the committee. The Absentee Ballots ad hoc now consists of Directors Hunter, Powers, and Lorenzen. Watch for a printed preliminary description of their initial meeting and the challenges to be faced. Both committees are looking for folks to join them to help them achieve their goals.

Cookout – May 6 is our next monthly cookout, featuring pulled pork sandwiches. Sign up on the Den to reserve one of the 100 spaces available. Please remember to bring a dish to pass for approx. 8 people. Bring your wallets. Dinner fee is $5.00 per person … the cheapest date in town. As a courtesy to all, if you find you cant make it, please take yourself out of the Den sign up so others can take your place

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