Pickleball Fix - Friday the 13th

by Bev Crane

The TPPC Board met on Monday, May 9 at 3pm. The Board reviewed some potential scheduling changes as the weather warms up. They also finalized the 2022 TPPC Fall-Winter tournament schedule that starts in October. More on tournaments in the Fall.

Training Schedule Change

Check the Den schedule on Saturday, May 21 for the Advanced Drills event that has been moved from Sat. 5-7pm to Sat. 7-9am and 9-11am. The event starts on Sat. May 21 at 8am and ends at 10am. Please sign up on Den for both the 7-9 and 9-11am events and show up at the Courts to start at 8am. Signing up for 2 Den time slots is necessary to accommodate an 8-10am Den time.

Tournament Updates

TPPC players Tom and Pam Asbel played in the Super Seniors Tournament at Pictona in Holly Hill, FL on May 6, 8. Included were men, women, and mixed divisions in age categories 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+ at skill levels: 3.0, 3.5. Our players were very successful. Tom and Pam and their partners David Mackinson and Jeanette Wedel each won Gold Medals and Pam and Tom won the Silver. Congratulations!!

The SVB Spring Tournament series takes place this weekend (May 14, 15) in Zephyrhills (about 1 hour from Timber Pines). Partners Tom Asbel/Dave Dwyer (Men), Pam Asbel/Patty Rocheleau (Women), Tom and Pam Asbel (Mixed) will be competing. Come out and root on your fellow Club members!


Ball Machine Ball Usage

The pickleballs for the Simon X ball machine have been replaced with Dura Fast 40 balls in a bright neon green color. These new balls are not to be used for normal play and should only be used in the ball machine. There is a picture on the wall behind the ball machine showing the different hole patterns between our normal Franklin X yellow balls and the new Dura Fast 40 machine balls. Please make sure to keep these balls separated as you are playing or using the ball machine.

Miss Sunshine

The TPPC is a caring Club concerned about its members. Our Miss Sunshine Connie Smith needs members to continue to let her know about someone that needs a little “ sunshine”--those who have been in the hospital, had surgery or lost a loved one, to name some. Contact her via the Club email at tppickleballclub@gmail.com and let her know the person, the need and contact information so she can provide a bit of sunshine from the Club.

Aqua Therapy

A number of pickleball members have found benefits to their cranky joints and muscles by participating in Water Aerobics at the Country Club pool on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10-11am. Bring a noodle and water weights (or the instructor will supply them) to participate. No sign up is necessary!

From the Pickleball Den Newsletter

Board member Marie Knowlton has been collecting data from Pickleball Den to help the Club increase efficiency when planning events and also to create Club stats. Here’s how she has helped our Club and others organize their pickleball play.

With 25,000 lines of data on our 12 courts, Marie has been able to determine what time of day is popular, what daily games are attended, who plays the most, how many guests played, and what day of week is best. She has also learned how many players attend beginner lessons, skills & drills, advanced play, social cookouts, and how many have only played one time. Marie shared with the Den: "With 950 members it is helpful to understand what and when they are all wanting to play.”

A couple of Marie’s stats from looking at the TPPC Den sign-up sheets, excluding the cookout, showed: Between 5/20/21 and 3/31/22

--84 members played only once, 453 guests played once

--66 members played only twice, 132 guests played twice

Thanks, Marie, for all your hard work enabling the Club to look into play by members and guests!

See you at the cookout on Saturday for grilled hotdogs, some tasty sides and maybe play a little cornhole too! The next regular Fix will be in two weeks on Friday, May 27.

TPPC Pickleball Board

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