Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

Schedule - Not much changing. Activities for next week will be:

Daily, Next Paddle Up, all skill levels, 9-11am, courts #5-8

Wed and Fri - Next Paddle Up, beginner level, 9-11am, courts #9-10

Wed - ABCD Round Robin, 7-9pm, courts 1-10

Thur - Skinny Singles, all skills, 5-7pm, courts 5-8

Coming soon - beginner lessons, June 6, and monthly cookout, June 3 - watch next week's Fix

First Aid - During the summer months, anyone using the First Aid kits and noticing any supplies are missing or need replacement, please contact Helen Coverdale, Christine Green, to Board Liaison Tom Asbel. Your attention to this will be greatly appreciated. Pat Thayer

Balls - Over the course of the last few years, Director Tom Asbel has been able to purchase Franklin X40 balls at a great negotiated price from Franklin during the playing of the US Open in Naples. This year Franklin agreed to sell us balls for $1.50 each. (Currently, Amazon and Walmart are selling them for $3.30 per ball) Your Board of Directors unanimously approved the purchase via email vote for a total price not to exceed $4,000. Thus, $4 of our annual $10 dues go to the annual purchase of Pickleballs. Thanks Tom for your negotiating skills.

Ball Boys - (No offense intended) A big THANK YOU to our current volunteer, Bill Lightfoot and former volunteer, Ralph Holland who both ensure that at least 3 balls are placed in the ball chutes accessible on all 12 courts every day for the use of members, their guests, and non-members to enjoy our super sport. What a great benefit for all Pickleball players.

Kentucky Derby Hat Contest - Thanks to Lisa Boyle for taking and providing the photo from our May 5th cookout on Derby Day.


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