Pickleball Fix- Honor our Veterans

by Mel Kohlberg

Things are pretty quiet around Timber Pines. And we’re giving the courts a rest by not populating them for much of the day. Despite that, we still have a few things:

Employee Luncheon – The third annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon was hosted by us this past Tuesday in the main room of the Lodge. Over 80 TPCA employees attended and were treated to Karen Toof’s famous and delish pulled pork sandwiches, beans and hot dogs, along with a variety of salads. Once again, the luncheon was a huge success, and we want to acknowledge and thank all the Club volunteers who took the time to make this happen.


Cookout – Next Saturday, June 3, is our monthly cookout at the PARC Pavilion. Starting at 5:30pm, $5 will get you a meal of TACOS with plenty of trimmings. Bring your own beverages, and bring a favorite dish to pass which will feed 8-10 people. Sign up on the Den, and in the comments area tell us what you plan to bring to help avoid duplication. Be prepared to have fun with music and a sing-along provided by Charlie and Marilyn Siekierzynski.

Summer Sign-ups – We are trying out a new wrinkle with sign-up sheets for the summer months. Beginning in June and thru Sunday, Sep 3, we will be releasing the sign-up sheets for the entire summer for all to see. However, you will only be allowed to actually sign up over the ensuing 30 days. So you can see all the sheets for June, July, and August, but you can’t book more than 30 days out.

Lessons – Mark your calendars beginners, lessons will be offered once each month in June, July and August. The June lesson is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6. Stand by for details. If you’re unable to make any of the planned dates, we can schedule an alternate date if at least four people ask.

HOT HOT HOT – Please feel free to use the fans to help in the heat, but please remember to shut them off, regardless of when you leave. And by all means STAY HYDRATED!!!!!

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