Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

If you were not among the more than 90 attendees at the cookout on Sat, May 28 to celebrate Memorial Day, you missed a lovely celebration. A beginning dedication with special music from Frank & Janey Tabor was followed by delicious and varied dishes. Some members even played corn hole. A nice evening to honor those who have given to all of us!

Relax and join your pb colleagues for a tasty meal at the Cookout each Saturday night at 5:30pm at the Pavilion. Sign up on Den by Thurs at 5pm and bring a dish to share.

Summer Events Calendar

The TPPC website contains the Summer Events Calendar. Remember the following:

--June 13 – The second Monday of the month is the Orientation/Lesson for new members from 5-7pm, on PARC Courts 1, 2. Sign up on Den

--Mon, June 13 – TPPC Board of Directors Meeting from 3-4pm, at the Country Club

--Wed, June 15 and 22 - Donny’s ABCD, 5-7 and 7-9pm. Sign up on Den

--Men’s (Tues 5-7pm) and Ladies’ (Thurs 5-7pm) Days - Sign up on Den

Ball Machine

Ralph Holland or Bill Lightfoot will be available to help with the ball machine. Their contact info if needed is on a sign by the ball machine.

Employee Luncheon

D Rooks reported that the Employee Luncheon held in 2021 was very successful and suggested having an employee luncheon this year on Thursday, June 16, to be held at the Lodge Porch. Some volunteers are still needed to help with this important event. Contact Barb Rooks at 813-727-0057 ASAP if you’d like to help.

Note on Court Play. If you talk to vendors, contractors or others who often come into TP and may express interest in pickleball, please make sure they are aware of who can play on the courts—residents, renters, and their guests when present with those who live here. We’ve had drop by folks stopping at the courts asking to play, some who don’t even live in TP. We all go to the courts to have fun playing pickleball and are not interested in patrolling those who should not be playing and may not even live here--thanks for your help.

The next Fix will be send on June 24. Keep on picklin’ and hope you are all enjoying your summer!

TPPC Pickleball Board

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