Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

Special Olympics

TPPC Board has unanimously agreed to continue its support of Special Olympics Pickleball Athlete training. The 2023 season is scheduled to be Aug 1- Nov 7, 5:30pm, Courts 3-4. Tom Asbel has agreed to be Board Liaison and coordinate this endeavor. Any member interested in being a coach this year please contact the Club BOD at tppickleballclub@gmail.com. Online training is provided and a background check is necessary. An initial coaches training will be held Sunday, August 13, 2023, 9am to noon, Cypress Creek High School in Pasco. If you are unable to make this training other options are available. Coaching requires a good attitude and the ability to show athletes the game of Pickleball. COME OUT AND VOLUNTEER.

Ball Machine Training

We have added a Thursday evening ball machine training at 7-9pm, court #8, for all skill levels, coached by Eddie Jensen. Sessions will begin next Thursday, June 22, and continue every other week through the summer. Limit 8 players.

Beginner Lesson

Tuesday, July 13 is the next beginner-level lesson, 7-9pm, courts #1-2. Watch for more details in the Fix. Signups in the Den are being accepted now. Limit 8 players. These lessons fill up quickly, so get your name in early.

So notice what’s going on in the summer schedule, see below. We’ve added new events and re-scheduled existing events to the evenings to combat the summer heat. There’s beginner-level NPU on Mondays; ABCD Round Robin on Wednesdays; Skinny Singles, Ball Machine training, and Beginner Lessons on Thursdays. All these are at 7-9PM. Pretty full schedule for the off-season


Reminders … sign up in the Den every time you play; pick up loose ends, balls into their holders, fans turned off, when you leave the courts.


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