Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

On Thurs. June 16, the TPPC provided an Employee Appreciation Day luncheon for Timber Pines employees to thank them for all their help to the Club. More than 70 employees stopped by the Lodge Porch for hotdogs/hamburgers cooked by TPPC volunteers and also to sample salads, baked beans, desserts made and served by other Club members. It was a very successful event with Club members and employees showing their appreciation. Club member Melanie took numerous pictures now posted on the Club website and our Google drive

Cookout - Sat. June 25, 5:30pm. This week’s cookout is a potluck at the Pavilion so bring your favorite main dish, side, salad or dessert to share with 6-8 persons. Stop by and enjoy time with your pickleball colleagues!

Save the Date – Saturday, July 2 Cookout to Celebrate the July 4 Holiday

Come on out and celebrate the July 4 holiday on Sat. July 2 at 5:30pm at the Pavilion. Wear your patriotic red, white and blue to celebrate the day. The main dish will be grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and bring your favorite side, dessert, or appetizer to serve 6-8 people. Also, join with Frank and Janey Tabor who will again have music and feature karaoke too!

Event Updates

--Donny’s Wed. night event. A major time change for this coming Wed. is that Donny’s Wednesday night event will start only at 7pm. And a treat: Hot dogs will be grilled to sample at 5pm before play starts. Sign up for 7pm play on Den.

--Men’s (Tues 7-9pm) and Ladies’ (Thurs 7-9pm) Days - Sign up on Den. The last Fix listed the time incorrectly; it should be as shown here 7-9pm.

--The next Lesson/Orientation for new members and beginning players is Monday, July 11, 5-7pm. After the lesson, players often have questions about how to gain more practice to improve their skills. Here are a couple of suggestions for new players to practice in the summer:

--At the end of class exchange names with players from the lesson and sign up together as a group on Den for Open Play on the day of your choice.

--Check the Den schedule for Next Paddle Up group sessions that are most well attended at 9am on week days. When you sign up on Den, under your name on the comment line write "new player needing practice." Also when you arrive at the courts you can mention you are relatively new, have taken a lesson and want to play to improve. Come out and enjoy some pickleball.

Court Lighting

In the hope of playing in cooler weather, members who have not played in the evening are now signing up. Just an FYI on the court times set by Timber Pines. The court lights are lit at 6:15am (play may begin at 6:30am) and they will go off at 10:15pm (play will end at 10pm). Please leave the lights on as timers will shut them down automatically.

The next Fix will be on Monday, July 8.

Keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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