Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

Approximately 90 Pickleball Club members dressed in their red, white, and blue celebrated the July 4 holiday at the cookout on Saturday, July 2. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs were complemented with many delicious side dishes, appetizers, and desserts—more than anyone could eat! Thanks to Janey and Frank Tabor who supplied music for karaoke singers and to those who enjoyed dancing. A wonderful time was had by all! Thanks to those who organized Barbara Rooks birthday by bringing champagne and cake and to those who also helped set up and clean up. See some pictures from the event

Cookout - Sat. July 9, 5:30pm. This week’s cookout on July 9 is serving a main entree of homemade lasagne! Thanks go to members Lynn Thompson and Chris Newkirk for donating the ground beef for this dish! Bring a side to serve 6-8.

We are happy to say that pickleball cookouts are every Saturday at 5:30pm. Cornhole is always set up for play, and on Saturday, July 30 Frank and Janey Tabor will be set up to play “your” song requests along with some dancing! On Sunday, September 3, the Tabors will be ready for some more karaoke! Mark your calendars!!

Event Updates and Reminders

--The TPPC Board Meeting scheduled for Monday, July 11 has been canceled.

--Donny’s Wed. night event starts at 7pm. There is no 5pm start. Sign up on Den.

--July Lesson/Orientation for new members and beginning players is the second Monday, July 11, 7-9pm. The August lesson will be the second Monday, August 8 from 7-9am.

--Next Paddle Up (NPU) is a good event for all levels to sign up to play together. Check the calendar for time slots: 9-11am is popular.

Note: After a lesson new players may want to sign up for NPU to improve their skills, get some practice, and meet other players.

The Club membership is now 1004!! The next Fix will be sent on July 22.

Although Florida often expects afternoon rains, the courts are usually dry by 7pm and a breeze makes for comfortable pickleball play!

Come on out and let’s keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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