Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg

Ice Packs

A reminder to all pickleball players…if you need an ice pack for any reason, use the ziplock bags that are in the first aid kits and fill them with “real” ice. There is an ice machine located by the pavilion restrooms. “Real” ice is the preferred method of reducing swelling, etc, and besides, the instant ice bags disintegrate in the heat. Please take note of this and share this information with other players. Pat Thayer

Club News

Did you know, were you cognizant of the fact, you can read Club news and calendar content in the weekly TPCA Timber Times and the monthly newsletter blurb, and that you can also read that content by viewing current and past Friday Fix emails which are on our website.

No News

The old adage of “No news is good news” seems to be working. We have very little good news and no bad news to share. A few brief reminders is all. Hydrate; pick up loose items on the courts; hydrate; return balls to their tubes; hydrate; sign-in for all play; hydrate; use sun screen and don’t forget to hydrate.

Schedule of Events

See the linked Sched.pdf file for the latest schedule of play events.

Up-coming dates are … Special Olympics Coaching on Aug 15; final summer beginner lesson is Aug 22; and next cookout is Sep 2.


Happy hundred - degrees, that is 🙃

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