Pickleball Fix

by Bev Crane

On Wed. evening of each week the following week’s events are posted on the Den so sign up now for your favorite pickleball times and events. The Calendar for August is on the TPPC website at https://www.tppickleballclub.org/calendar and on the Courts Bulletin Board. Check it out and select events of interest.


--Thanks to our guest chefs Karen Toof and Carol Bowe for the delicious brisket at last week’s cookout. A real treat!

--This week’s Cookout on August 20 at 5:30pm at the Pavilion has as the main dish mild Italian sausage hoagies with onion and green peppers. Sign up on Den by 5pm, Thurs, Aug. 18 and list in the comments a side, salad, or dessert you plan to bring for 6-8 people. We encourage everyone to come and you’re welcome to sign up guests too.

Note: Watch for a special Labor Day cookout meal on September 3, 5:30pm at the Pavilion, with juicy hamburgers on the grill. We will also have DJ’s Frank and Janey Tabor bringing us music and karaoke along with some Corn Hole too. Members are welcome to bring guests.

Upcoming Event Time Change in September

The start time for Donny’s Wed. night ABCD Event currently beginning at 7pm will change to begin at 5pm starting on Wed. September 7. You will be able to sign up on the Den for the new start time as of Wed. night August 31.

Special Olympics Training. The Hernando County Special Olympics pickleball training program at the Courts is progressing with 7 players learning the game each Monday at 4:30pm with trainers Tom Asbel, Dave Dwyer, Don Rooks and Marie Knowlton joining in Sept. The training will continue each week until November to prepare for the Special Olympics Tournament.

Instruction Opportunities

With the hot weather and rain showers, you may be looking for some ways to improve your pickleball skill and strategies both on and off the courts. Check out some of the possibilities below.

Live Instruction

Practice is an important part of improving your pickleball play. Below are ways to take advantage of Live, instructor-led lessons and Ball Machine practice.

--Lesson Notice. The next Orientation-Lesson is Monday, September 12 from 7-9pm on Courts 1 and 2. Sign-up sheets will be available on Den in early September for a maximum of 8 players. The session is designed for new members and novice players. Sign up on Den is required.

Note: After the lesson new players may want to sign up for Next Paddle Up event and get some practice to improve their skills and meet other players. Each week’s Den schedule is posted for the next week on Wed. evening.

--Ball Machine. Instructions are posted next to the ball machine/balls alongside Court 1. Comments from those who have been using the ball machine indicate how helpful it has been. Sign up on Den and check it out!

Video Instruction

--The TPPC website offers videos on a variety of pickleball skills, strategies, and more. https://tppickleballclub.org/learning

--Other pickleball organizations also have demo videos on all aspects of pickleball play and other topics.

PrimeTime Pickleball - https://primetimepickleball.com/ provides YouTube videos on pickleball topics from strategy to basic technique mistakes.

USA Pickleball Tips

-https://usapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball/pickleball-tips/ has YouTube videos on topics to help you improve your skills (e.g., serves, lobs, dinks, volleys, overheads, third shot drives & drops, transition area and resets).

-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpDfcoJG-pQ contains YouTube videos illustrating top 10 common beginner pickleball mistakes, tips for all level players, intermediate mistakes, serves and more.

Take advantage of all ways to learn more skills either on or off the courts and have more fun playing pickleball.

The Club membership is now 1028!! The next Fix will be sent on September 2. Come on out and let’s keep on picklin’,

TPPC Pickleball Board

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