Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg


Congrats all around for our Beginner “sunbirds” class of players. Throughout the summer you all have had focused lessons – featuring court etiquette, scoring, some Den issues, as well as shot-making serves, returns of serve, third shot drop, driving the ball, blocks, etc. After the lesson stage, there was Next Paddle Up for your class only where you learned one of the most popular formats we have. Then came Drills and Skills under the watchful eyes of a multitude of mentors. We offered sessions on the use of our ball machines. All these programs were specifically designed for you to make you confident and skillful players, readying you for the next steps – ABCD Round Robins on Wednesday evenings, 5-7pm; Daily NPU mornings, 9-11am; and there’s still time to coach our Special Olympics athletes Tuesdays, 5-7pm. Again, congrats on your successes. Welcome.


(not a lot of content in these dog days) Taking care of the courts begins with us, the users. Pease be responsible and pick up all loose balls and return to their tubes; pick up any trash/debris and dispose of; unplug the fans but leave the lights alone; report any lost and found to a BOD member; report any First Aid supplies issues to a BOD member; continue to drink water or sports drinks – the heat isn’t over yet.

Save the Dates

Pickleball Injuries Prevention, Wed Sep27, 1-2pm, Wellness Center, Education Room

Board of Directors meeting, Wed Oct 4, 3:00pm, Wellness Center, Education Room

Next Beginners lesson is Oct 19, 7-9pm

Schedule of Events


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