Pickleball Fix

by Mel Kohlberg


Taking care of the courts begins with us, the users. Pease be responsible and pick up all loose balls and return to their tubes; pick up any trash/debris and dispose of; unplug the fans, but leave the lights alone; report any lost and found to a BOD member; report any First Aid supplies issues to a BOD member; continue to drink water or sports drinks – the heat isn’t over yet.

Save the Dates

BIG NEWS!! Be watching the PARC bulletin board and your emails for a comprehensive listing of all future events of the Club for the upcoming season from early October through the end of March. Included are the cookouts MOVING TO TWICE EACH MONTH, along with what we’ll have for the main dish. Also, the Tournament/Group Games schedule. And Special Events. Of immediate importance is the next Board of Directors’ meeting on October 4, 3:00pm, Wellness Center, Education Room, featuring a discussion of these scheduled happenings. The next cookout on October 7 at 5:30pm, main dish Fried Chicken, sign up on the Den. Beginners' Lesson on October 19, 7-9pm. And Special Olympics coaching through October.

ABCD Round Robin

Remember that on Wednesday evenings we hold the ABCD Play and Social event at 5-7pm. This is a round robin type play which has you playing with players at your skill level. Sign up on the Den. We will have snacks and a free drawing. Bring your favorite beverages and come have fun, even after play ends. Please be there by 4:45 so that we can put the teams together, and you will have a chance to warm up before play starts. If you would like to volunteer to bring snacks, please list what you will bring in the comment section of the sign-up sheet. See you there!

Injury/Accident Prevention seminar (held Wednesday afternoon). The major takeaway —— STRETCH before playing. Warm up your muscles, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, core, hips, knees, achilles, toes….Oh yeah, did anyone ever mention to hydrate ... water, sports drinks, electrolytes, etc? Don't wait until you're thirsty ... that'll be too late.

Schedule of Events


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