PickleBall Fix: October2 ,2020

Happy October and a lovely day with temperatures cool enough that some could even start off the morning playing pickleball with long sleeves or a jacket! Despite the heat this summer, 46 new members have joined the TPPC since May, 136 so far in 2020, bringing the Club total membership to 550! Wow!

A Social Pickleball Evening

The Saturday evening Dink n’ Drink this week featured a dinking contest led by Tom Asbel. Players dinked with a partner, winners continued to play each other until only 4 partners remained. And, the WINNERS of prizes are Paul Peterson and Karen LaMirand with Deb and Tom Howard in second place. Following the contest, players munched on snacks brought by players and sipped their favorite drinks. A fun time!

Schedule Change Starting Oct 1

Beginning next week, the Den is set up to accommodate 25 players for Men's (Tuesday night) and Ladies’ (Thursday night) shootouts. A waitlist is also enabled. Courts 1-5 are assigned for shootout play. Court 6 is still available for open play (all levels). Sign up on the Den to play this week! A schedule for October is posted on the Courts Bulletin Board. Click the PDF link below for the October schedule.

Emergency Procedures at the Courts

For those who are currently playing on the Courts and for those who will be returning to Timber Pines soon, it is important to be prepared for emergencies that can possibly occur when playing pickleball or even just watching games at the Lodge Courts. Unexpected emergencies can happen at any time as happened on Saturday night when one member fell while playing at the Courts. Luckily, there were quite a few players to take control, calling 911 and Security. The AED was activated in case it was needed. The ambulance arrived and took the player to the hospital to be checked.

It is important to be as prepared as possible in case of an emergency. If your help is needed, follow these steps:

--Call 911 and name the location of the emergency where the medical staff should respond: the Lodge Tennis/Pickleball Courts at 6672 Timber Pines Blvd.

--Call Security at one of the gates as follows: 352-666-2144 South Gate, North Gate at 666-1002, and Deltona Gate at 352-666-9882 to report the emergency at the Lodge Courts. Security will come immediately to the Lodge Courts. Sometimes one number is busy or there is no response. Put the numbers in your phone so you can find them fast!

---Send someone to the Lodge parking lot entrance to meet Security and/or EMS.

--There is an AED located under the Shelter on the parking lot side of the Courts. Security also carries a unit in their trucks. Note: The AED alarm does not notify Security.

--A first aid kit is also available at the Lodge Bulletin Board.

--An Emergency on the Courts sign is posted on the Lodge Courts Bulletin Board. Click the PDF link at the end of this email to view the Emergency Procedures Sign.

The TPPC also has a Medical Committee composed of volunteer members with Pat Thayer as the Leader. Any member especially those with medical backgrounds that would like to volunteer as a

Helper, please email tppickeballclub@gmail.com, and you will be added to the Committee roster. Thanks to all who volunteer to help with Club responsibilities.

PARC Update

The week of Oct 2 has been a busy week at the PARC. Led by Rich Ohlenroth, TP BOD Vice-President, the TPPC PARC Committee and BOD toured the PARC site. We were quite impressed with the completed work. Click the PDF attachment for pictures of the PARC tour. Asphalt has been poured on all 12 pickleball courts. While the surface cures for a month, work will proceed, including a cement walkway and shade areas between batteries of courts and wiring installed. Exterior fencing and fences between courts will also be worked on during this time. We also visited the Pavilion with its new roof, framed pickleball storage area and men’s/women’s bathrooms. Come on by and see the progress! Continue to check the www.tppickleballclub.org website for lots of recent pictures and other Club information. Keep on picklin’; see you at the Courts.

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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