PickleBall Fix: October9 ,2020

Emergency Information

NOTE: IN LAST WEEK’S FRIDAY “FIX”, THERE WAS A TYPO. PLEASE CHANGE THE LODGE TENNIS/PICKLEBALL COURTS ADDRESS FROM 6672 TO 6872 TIMBER PINES BLVD. If you are at the Courts when an emergency occurs, it is important to provide the Courts’ address when calling 911.

Today there was a medical emergency during play requiring that 911 be called. A thank-you to everyone who helped at the courts. The player has reported he is home and doing fine.

Important Schedule Change

The lights on Courts 5 and 6 are out and there is no ETA for their being repaired. The following events have been moved to 4 to 7pm through October. Plan for only early evening play.

The Den schedule reflects the following new start/end times.

--Mon. ABCD, 4pm-7pm

--Tues. Men’s Day, 4pm-7pm

--Wed. Donny’s ABCD Social event, 4pm-7pm

--Thurs. Ladies Day, 4pm-7pm

Anyone who had already signed up this week was automatically placed in the event at the new time. Check the revised October schedule that will be put on the TPPC website by Monday at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/2020_late_summerschedule_revise1_sheetl_illy.pdf


With the amount of rain during play time lately, you might try our 4 new squeegees to remove water on the courts so they can dry quicker. Here’s how to use them.

--The new squeegees work best when slightly wet.

--Like a sponge when they are soaked, take them to the side of the courts to squeeze out the water. --To remove water from a court, start in the center of the court and roll the squeegee in a circle, gradually making the circle bigger pushing water to the outside of the circle.

Caution: Don’t take chances on slippery wet courts as you do NOT want to fall so you can play pickleball another day!!


The asphalt on the pickleball courts is in the process of curing which will take about a month. During this time, you should see work on concrete walkways between courts and concrete forms for shade structures. Perimeter fencing will begin once the asphalt has dried at the beginning of November.

Pickleball Magazine

For a rainy day when you still need that pickleball fix, try out a free copy of Pickleball Magazine at https://view.joomag.com/pickleball-magazine-5-5-wd/0142831001601908563?short&. It features articles on instruction, information from Pickleball USA (e.g., camps, tourneys, equipment), what’s happening in pickleball nationwide, and more.

Keep on picklin’; see you at the Courts Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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