PickleBall Fix: December11 ,2020

The holiday season is upon us and some of our snowbirds are still arriving. Welcome back--we’re glad to see you on the pickleball courts!

Thanks to Our Volunteers

--Thanks to Pam Staples for creating our pickleball Christmas tree for the Courts. She’s been collecting broken pickleballs for quite a while and thanks, Larry Pierce, who also donated the small wooden paddles he makes to put on the tree. The TPPC now has its own holiday pickleball symbol.

--Thanks also to Pam Asbel for all of her hard work to design, sell, and order 10th Anniversary TPPC t - shirts. She spent many hours on this project. There was an amazing turnout for the shirts, and 187 were ordered!

Just an FYI: Some members have expressed interest in purchasing TPPC towels. The Club is purchasing 36 towels (16x24”) with the Club logo on them in four different colors with a grommet hole and clip. Closer to Christmas, these 36 towels will be sold for $10 each to gauge interest in this item. If there is interest, more will be ordered later.

PARC Update

At the Monday TP Board meeting, the Board received a report stating that the 12 pickleball court opening at the PARC has been delayed. The Club will continue playing at the Lodge Courts through January and part of February. The new courts cannot open until the parking lot is finished and Hernando County issues an occupancy permit. There has been a lot of progress on the courts and the pavilion. The only holdup now is the parking lot. We must all stay positive and recognize how far we have come.

2021 TPPC Renewal

As we near the end of December, it is important for those who wish to renew their TPPC membership for 2021 to do it NOW! 2021 forms are available on the Lodge Bulletin Board. Fill out the form for 2021 and drop it along with your $10 dues in the Pickleball Box on the parking lot side of the Lodge courts. We must have our payment for all renewing members to the Den management by December 26. The Den will then remove all names of those who have not renewed for 2021 from the Den membership list. This means that you will NOT be able to sign up for TPPC events nor receive communication from the TPPC. We hope to see all of you playing on the courts in 2021 so sign up now.

Note as mentioned before, if you want to continue as a TPPC member but are not returning until later in 2021, send an email to the Club at tppickleballclub@gmail.com indicating that you will be returning in 2021, and you can pay your $10 dues at that time. We need a count because we will have to pay Den $2 now to hold your place. If you are unsure whether you have paid, check the TPPC website (paid/unpaid) at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppcroster111920.pdf.

Lucy Kitcher January Clinic

Give yourself an early Christmas present and sign up now for the Lucy Kitcher January Pickleball Clinic to be held on Monday, January 25 from 9:00a-12:00 Noon for the intermediate level (24 spots) and from 2:00p-5:00p for the advanced level (24 spots). Tuesday, January 26 from 9:00a-12:00 Noon will be both levels (12 spots for each level). Registration forms are available on the TPPC website at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/lucy_kitcher_clinics.pdf and on the Bulletin Board at the pickleball courts. Submit both the form and cash/check (made to TPPC) for $30 in order to be confirmed for the clinic and drop in the Pickleball Box at the Courts. Besides holding clinics, Instructor Kitcher also runs tournaments and has earned US Open medals and multiple National medals.

Margaret’s Christmas Day Free Fun Tournament

Margaret’s (MJS) Fun Tournament on Christmas Day is to honor and remember Margaret, a Club member and a coordinator, who arranged for fun play on Christmas Day. After starting in the morning with an ABCD format, Men, Women, and Mixed Doubles at different skill levels will then play round robin games, including serving, dinking, and a third shot component. Stay tuned for more details in next week’s Friday “Fix,” and sign-up on the Den for this fun time!

Clarification Issues on Den

As more members are signing up for events, several questions have arisen.

--Q: How do I remove my name from an event after signing up on Den?

A: Go to event day/time and click the grayed out box next to Day/Date/Time line. This is the same box you clicked to sign up for the event. Your name will be removed and the number signed up will decrease by 1.

Note: Some members sign up regularly together. They find it helpful to email other players when they drop out to give them a “heads up” that places are available at a particular time.

--Q: How does the waiting list work?

A: Some events for a large number of players will offer a Waitlist after the required number is obtained. If you put your name on the Waitlist, Den will send an email to the next person in line if a player removes their name from the list.

Note: If you cannot play after placing your name on an event list, PLEASE remove your name rather than just not showing up. This provides an opportunity for others to play AND it makes it easier for the coordinator of an event to quickly create lists of players for each court.

Pam Staples and Pam Asbel are just two of the many members (not named “Pam”) who volunteer their services to help the TPPC with all of its activities. The Club will need the help of volunteers as planning for events in 2021 moves forward. Watch for email requesting your assistance from Helen DeGirolamo and Cathy Ellingson, Co-Chairs of the Volunteer Committee.

A final request, please park in the parking lot rather than on the pool side. Stay safe and keep picklin’,

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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