PickleBall Fix: December18 ,2020

Taking a break next week so there will be no Friday “Fix” on December 25 unless something unforeseen arises.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A TPPC member has tested positive for COVID, and we are carefully monitoring the situation. We have verified via the Den signup sheets that the player’s last date of play was Sunday evening, Dec 13. Symptoms appeared on Monday, tested on Tues. and received positive results on Thurs. The symptoms are mild, and the member is self-isolating.

Here are some reminders for this year and January.

2021 TPPC Renewals

A few days remain to renew your TPPC 2021 membership so there will be no interruption in your play on the Courts. Do NOT pay or respond directly to the Den through any notices you may see online. The Club pays your Den renewal fee in bulk to the Den. If you have not renewed, put your renewal form and $10 dues (cash/ck to TPPC) in the Pickleball Box at the Lodge Courts ASAP.

MJS Fun Day on Friday, Christmas Day from 9a-2p

If you haven’t signed up for one or more MJS Christmas Day events on the Den, do so today. At 9am, our VP Deb Howard will say a few words about our friend Margaret (MJS) to whom this day is dedicated. Following will be unique ABCD format games. Dinking contests (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced for Men & Ladies) begin at 10:30am, followed by Mixed dinking at 12:30pm. See the Flyer on the Courts Bulletin Board or TPPC Website for more details. We encourage novice players to sign up too!

New January Schedule

The January schedule is available on the TPPC website via direct link at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppc_schedule_januaryfinalv1.pdf.

All January event sign-up sheets are now available on the Den:

--New events: Paddle Up and New Skinny Singles

--Continuing popular events: Donny’s Wed. Night ABCD, Men’s and Ladies Days, the Sunday Night Shootout

--Saturday Night Dinking at 5pm followed by social distancing camaraderie; all bring their own drink and snack.

NOTE: Members must continue Den sign-up for all event play to help keep everyone safe and track who is playing with whom and when.

PARC Update

The Club will be keeping a sharp eye on work at the new Courts and provide progress reports in the Friday “Fix” each week. Watch for news about Opening Ceremonies and open house at the new Courts as completion draws near.

Volunteering to Help the Club

Helen DeGirolamo and Cathi Ellingson, Co-chairs of the Volunteer Committee, will be sending emails to members to solicit help with upcoming events (e.g., MJS Day, January Clinic, tournaments). Thanks to those volunteers who manned the renewal tables in the Fall--we had a wonderful response! Working with other Club members is a good way to get to know your fellow players better.

And speaking of volunteers—

--Thanks to our President Emeritus, Tom Asbel, who runs the Lessons and Drills, organizes/runs tournaments and Men’s/Ladies’ Days. Under his guidance, assisted by other dedicated instructors Deb Howard, Don Rooks, and Patty and Mike Rocheleau, these events run smoothly each week.

--Thanks also to another volunteer the Club cannot do without: TPPC Webmaster Steve Fortin. He has kept the TPPC website (tppickleballclub.org) up-to-date, populates the Den with all sign-up entries, and is the Club liaison to the Den administrators. It is a time-consuming job, and he is fast, accurate and has many great suggestions too.

Well done, Tom and Steve.

Your TPPC Board of Directors wishes you all a safe holiday wherever you are and a healthy, safe new year playing pickleball. Thanks also to all members and volunteers who make the TPPC the best (and largest) Club in Timber Pines!!

Marie Knowlton, Pres., Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas, and Bev Crane, Sec/Communications