PickleBall Fix:May1 ,2020

Your Pickleball Friday "Fix" for this week brings you an update on the possible reopening of the pickleball courts and other Timber Pines amenities.

Facilities Reopening Update

On Sunday April 26, the Club sent to the TP COVID-19 Task Force a list of 27 ways to play pickleball safely in Timber Pines so they could review it at their Monday, April 27 meeting. On Wednesday, April 29, several Task Force members met with Pres. Marie Knowlton and V-P Deb Howard to review plans to safely open the pickleball courts. Other sub-committee task force groups also held meetings with tennis, pool, and woodshop representatives.

The pickleball sub-committee discussion centered on a Phase I soft opening of the Lodge Courts that would allow the pickleball courts to reopen on a limited basis with restrictions. On Thursday, April 30, the Club received some tentative guidelines from the sub-committee that they will discuss with the entire Task Force on Monday morning, May 4 prior to the TP BOD meeting.

At 1 pm the TP Board will meet to hear the Task Force recommendations and review reopening plans for pickleball and other amenities, including tennis, pools and woodshop. Tune in to Channel 732 to watch this TP Board meeting at 1 pm. You can email or call in during the meeting with any questions or comments at 666-2318 or bod@timberpines.com. These will be answered after the Board discussion.

Based on the TP Board decision, the Club will send out another email to members as soon as we receive definitive information on if/when we can start playing again and all of the details surrounding play.

Note: See the image on the next page for a photo of courts with the colors that have been selected for our new courts - lovely! Work on the PARC grounds should be starting in the next weeks.

Happy 10th TPPC Anniversary, Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

Cc: Bev Crane, Communications

Colors for 12 new pickleball courts at the PARC.

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