PickleBallFix:May15 ,2020


Wahoo! The pickleball courts reopened on Monday, May 11! After weeks of anticipation it has arrived and we are playing again. I am happy to say Week 1 of Phase 1 is going exceptionally smooth. Players are being respectful and following the many rules and guidelines.

I especially want to thank VP Deb Howard for taking the lead in the monitor program and the cleanliness safety regime being followed. Exceptional! Deb had the Courts organized, monitors ready, signs welcoming players back, and supplies, including disinfectant and rags, for cleaning the balls used so that play ran smoothly. A list of players for each time period was checked off before play started, based on The Den sign-up sheets to keep track of those who played as instructed by the State of FL. Players from each time slot were diligent in arriving on time, playing, and leaving as their time ended so the next group could get started.

Just one reminder for everyone from Deb Howard

  • As a courtesy to the pool users, please park your golf carts on the parking lot side until the pool closes at 4pm.
  • Sign in on the clipboard over by the benches, spray and wipe your balls and chairs if you sit in them when done.


THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR FOLLOWING THE RULES AND KEEPING PLAY SAFE FOR ALL. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and all were glad to be back playing. Thank you to Bev Crane for bombarding the membership with the importance of signing up, not grouping, playing on 1 court and leaving the court after play. We are averaging 40 players a day, some are repeats but who can only play once a day?

Using The Den

In case you haven't used Den Sign-up Sheets before or want a review, a new video tutorial under Help on Den at https://pickleballden.com/tutorials/#Signup-Sheets provides the following:

  • a step-by-step process on signing up yourself and signing up a friend. Note: You and the friend who signed you up have the ability to remove yourself from the list
  • how to see who is playing at a given time by clicking Show Players
  • how to put yourself on a Wait List if the time slot is filled

Remember 4 players to each court, 2-hour blocks of time, M, T, W, F, Sat from 7am?8:30pm and same hours on Thurs, Sun hours except for 8:30-11am when tennis players use the Courts. For those who have not ventured up to the Courts to play yet, come on out and join the fun.

To all members who are reluctant to sign up because you are new or weak or strong or out of shape or unsure of your skills or are alone or are not part of a group or haven't played in weeks - SIGN UP! Everyone is in the same place. We are all just happy to play again. This is Phase 1 and everyone is welcome to play at any time and mingle with different levels. 7am is the only competitive time. All other times are open and available for you to put your name in. If you sign up and no one signs up, try a different time. 9am, 4:30 and 6:30pm are the most popular times. Afternoons are quiet. If we make it to Phase 2 we may have more options and choices.

Scam Email

I want to acknowledge that thru diligence and concern, the source of the scam email has been found and eradicated. Recently all member emails were removed from the website. The source of the scam was an old 2017 website with member emails. Webmaster Steve Fortin sent out an email explaining how these scams occur earlier this week. Finally, this week I saw equipment moving on the PARC land. If anyone has photos send them to Steve.

Come join us safely on the Courts, Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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