PickleBallFix:May29 ,2020

Two weeks back and we all want more? Great to see so many players enjoying pickleball and playing with their colleagues. Thanks to all players for following the rules: arriving on time, signing in with the monitors, playing, and leaving so the next group can begin. A shout out also to those players who have joined with groups that have less than four (4) players signed up during a time slot. We want to encourage as many people as possible to play, and this especially helps those who do not yet know many players. Congratulations--our Club has been a model keeping to the rules while encouraging playing together and having fun!

The COVID-19 Task Force meets on Monday, June 1, and will report to the Board meeting also on June 1. Any changes in pickleball play approved by the Board will be reported in next week's Friday "Fix." We are patiently waiting for Phase 2 with hopes that more features will be added. Currently, the Sign-up Sheets on Den are listed out to June 7. More dates will be put on the calendar once the Task Force and BOD have met and made any changes in the use of the pickleball courts. Check the sign-up sheets on Den regularly after the BOD meeting https://app.pickleballden.com/clubSignUpSheetView

Above and Beyond?

So many members have stepped up to help out during the pandemic restrictions. Thanks to all:

  • Players who have volunteered as monitors at the Courts to keep play organized.
  • Deb Howard, the trash collector gal. The BOD did respond to our request and has provided a trash can at the Lodge Courts. Now Deb can use her home trash can for her own rubbish instead of having to take trash from the Courts home with her! Thanks, Deb!
  • Dave Dwyer for fixing the ball stopper nets between courts before they landed in the pickleball graveyard and Don Rooks, who painted the frames for the nets. Hopefully, the equipment will last until the new courts are available!

PARC Progress

Site work on the PARC is continuing. Links on the TPPC website to the PARC pictures, as well as updates from the TP website, now make it easy for members to keep current on progress at the PARC. Just click the links on www.tppickleballclub.org and enter your TP password. Viola!

Den Updates

The Club was recently notified that Pickleball Den Software will come at a small price. The fee per member per year will be $2.00 starting June 15. The fee from June through December for the half year is $1.00/member. The Club officers voted to approve the Den fee as part of the current $10.00 dues.

Since the Club started using the Den in December at no cost, its management has been very responsive to our suggestions for changes and initiates them in a timely manner. The Den has been especially busy this week responding to our requests. The best news is that those Club members who have Hotmail, MSN, and Live emails should now be back receiving emails from the Den!! Also, member phone numbers are now listed under My Account > Profile on Den.

The following enhancements to Den will help members when they are using the Den Sign-up Sheet to book play times. A tutorial is available on Den at https://pickleballden.com/tutorials/#Signup-Sheets.

  • Day of the Week is now listed before the date on the sign-up sheet.
  • Clicking "Find Me" at the top of the Sign-Up Sheet searches for sign-up sheets that the member is on. It is now very easy to find the days a member has signed-up for or to remove oneself from a sheet. See the associated with today’s Friday Fix for examples.

Another Den enhancement, a Sign-up Sheet Report, provides usage statistics on the Courts and also enables the Club to see who is playing at a specific time for contact tracking for COVID requirements. Our Club Webmaster Steve Fortin has already used the new Den Sign-up Sheet Report to bring you some "fun" facts about TPPC pickleball play!

From May 11 to May 28

  • 78 members signed up and played in at least one of the available time slots between May 11th and May 28th
  • These 78 members contributed to a total of 592 sign-ups over the 18-day period
  • Assuming 4 persons per court, this results in approximately 148, 2-hour slots being used over the 18 - day period
  • Drum roll please... and here are the folks who signed up to play the most:

Don Rooks - 23 times

Pieter Trappenberg - 22 times

Paul Peterson - 18 times

Marie Knowlton - 18 times

Tom Asbel - 18 times

Let's continue to encourage more players to come out and join together playing pickleball. Happy 10th anniversary TP Pickleball Club!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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