PickleBallFix:June19 ,2020

The Pickleball Friday "Fix" this week is excited to announce the beginning of Phase 2 pickleball in Timber Pines.

Big News: COVID-19 Phase 2

The Timber Pines COVID-19 Task Force met on Monday, June 15, reviewed TPPC requests and made recommendations for the BOD meeting on Wednesday, June 17. The Club is pleased with Task Force Phase 2 recommendations to the BOD and the BOD’s approval! From Monday, June 22, 2020 forward, the following will be in effect for pickleball:

--Use of all 6 courts with 6 players/court, 4 play at a time --Players allowed to switch courts

--Bringing own chairs allowed

--Pickleball machine use available

--Picnic tables upright for seating

Of course, social distancing is still in effect.

With Phase 2 pickleball is gradually returning to normal summer play. The Den sign-up sheets have been updated with a new schedule of time slots that are effective to start on June 22 and continue through August 31. All sheets are now posted on the Den and ready for sign-up. Sign up now for the day/time you want to play, pass the word, and invite your pickleball colleagues!

As a shared amenity, tennis and pickleball both play on the Lodge Courts.

--Tennis will have Tennis Court 1 daily from 7:00-11:30am (court closest to the parking lot) with sign-up on Jonas.

Pickleball hours daily are from 7am to 8pm, excluding 7:00-11:30am on Tennis Court 1.

--2 pickleball courts on Tennis Court 1 (parking lot side) are listed in Den as Courts 5 and 6.

--4 pickleball courts on Tennis Court 2 (pool side) are listed in Den as Courts 1,2,3, and 4.

Signs with Court numbers have been placed on each court.

Signing Up on Den

As you have been doing on Den, go to the day/time slot desired and sign up for a specific court number to insure your place on that court. When you arrive at the courts, go to the court number you signed up for.

--In Den Pickleball Courts 1,2,3,5, and 6 will be listed as Open Play courts.

--Pickleball Court 4 in Den will continue as the Novice/Beginner Court with mentors as available.

Play will continue in two-hour blocks as shown on the daily Den sign-up sheets. Each time slot will have space for a maximum of six sign-ups. This allows for 4 players to start play and 2 players to continue to rotate in after each game. There is no waitlist. The new Summer Pickleball Schedule is posted on the Lodge Courts Bulletin Board.

Court 4

Court 4 is still available for novice/mentor play. Players who want the assistance of a mentor please sign up on Court 4. Experienced players interested in helping new players should also sign up on Court 4 days in advance if possible.

Note: In lieu of lessons not allowed yet, we're also using Court 4 to develop beginning skills. If you know a non-Club member who is interested in learning pickleball, have them contact Marie Knowlton (tppickleballclub@gmail.com) or Bev Crane (beverley_crane@hotmail.com) for sign-up information.

The new Court 4 idea is gaining in popularity. Thank you to those who have already volunteered as mentors on Court 4. Please continue to volunteer to help the new players. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

PARC Update

Site work on the PARC site continues on schedule with leveling the ground, removal of trees, and an upcoming meeting with the contractor on drainage. August will be a busy month for pickleball court construction. Check the TP website calendar to see what to expect. Click the PARC link on the TPPC website at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/index.html to go directly to the Timber Pines website, enter your TP member login to view the latest PARC information.

The Club is looking forward to resuming play on all courts. Thank you to those who have sent notes to let us know you are enjoying the Friday "Fix".

Keep on picklin' in a safe environment, Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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