PickleBall Fix:September4 ,2020

This has been a busy week at the pickleball courts. The COVID-19 Task Force met on Monday, August 31, and announced some more good news for pickleball. Lessons are now allowed on Monday and Friday each week. Although no guests can participate, tournaments usually held during the Fall-Winter season were also approved. More details to come…

New Fall Schedule First Week Recap

The new Fall schedule took effect on Monday, and the maximum number of players for each new event signed up on the Den.

--Lessons. New and novice players signed up on Court 4 for orientation and a lesson on Monday and Friday from 9-11am. Note: At other times Court 4 also has mentors available to help players continue practicing and learning after their initial lesson. Just sign up for Court 4 (Novice/Beginner) on the Den! --ABCD Monday Event. A maximum of 30 players, many new to ABCD play, participated from 6-8pm in the Monday night ABCD. Deb Howard organized and coordinated play making sure social distancing took place.

--On Tuesday, Men’s Night from 6-8pm, Tom Asbel organized 3 courts of 5 players each, the maximum of 15 for this event. Participants played two rounds. Tom keeps scores for this event which he uses to set up the following week’s play.

--ABCD Social Night. Don Rooks’ Wednesday Social ABCD also had the maximum of 30 players. Donny added a slight twist with a door prize drawing during the evening. Philomena Rodriguez was the winner of the door prize drawing, a water cup designed by Barb Rooks—thanks, Barb!

--Ladies’ Night from 6-8pm on Thursday had 14 players, again organized by Asbel in the same format as Men’s night.

Thanks to all who came out to play and to our TPPC leaders who volunteer their time to organize each night of play!

--Jack’s Night. After his Wednesday night farewell last week on the courts, Jack Walters commented on how pleased he was and thanked the TPPC and all of his friends and pickleball colleagues for such a wonderful sendoff. He commented on how much he was going to miss everyone here and loved his TPPC shirt. He said when he looked at the card everyone had signed he would remember the great people he met playing pickleball in Timber Pines and promises to be back to visit!

Member Dave Harris took numerous photos of Jack’s Night, many of which are posted on the TPPC website at www.tppickleballclub.org. Click on the Home page photo link to take a look at all of the pictures. Thank you, Dave, for a job well done!

PARC Update

And speaking of pictures, drive by and take a look at the PARC or go to the TP website and view all the work being done at the new pickleball court site. Looking at all of the light posts, makes you really see the pickleball site taking shape. And, from one worker’s mouth today…asphalt will be poured in the next week or so, weather permitting.

Photographer Harris will be taking more pictures of the progress for our webmaster Steve Fortin to post soon on the TPPC website. Thanks, Steve, for keeping the website up to date with interesting and useful information for all Club members. If you haven’t gone to www.tppickleballclub.org, take a look and explore the site!

Watch for new activities as the Club continues to celebrate the TPPC 10th anniversary. Our committees are becoming active with the Outreach Committee reviewing Club donations and the Events/Functions Committee working on upcoming 2020 tournaments. If you have a bit of extra time to volunteer for one of the Club committees, send a note to tppickleballclub@gmail.com to express your interest.

And one more tidbit, one of our Club nurses Marilyn S. has placed some disposable masks in the First Aid kit at the courts in case anyone has to help a fellow player while at the courts. We want everyone to be safe!

See you at the Courts, Marie Knowlton, TPPCP

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