PickleBall Fix: March5 ,2021

This week you have received two Club emails from Den. On Monday you should have received an email from Den announcing the Annual Members’ Meeting on March 31. It contains the Agenda for the March 31, 2021, meeting and the minutes from last year’s Annual Members’ Meeting on March 4, 2020. If you did not receive it, make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder as several members reported that’s where they found their emails. It is also on the TPPC website http://www.tppickleballclub.org/notice_of_timber_pines_pickleball_club_annual_members__meeting_.pd f. You will also receive additional information on the Annual Meeting on March 24.

PARC Courts

The lights on the new pickleball courts were tested on Wed. evening. It was the first time players have tried out the new courts. About 10 members played a few games while the lighting experts tested the lights on different courts. The Courts looked fabulous, and everyone enjoyed trying them out noting how nice it was having fences between courts, playing on the different surface, and having a permanent net and no tennis lines to confuse you. What a fun hour!!


Congratulations to Club members Tom Asbel and Tracy Smith/Aart DeVos (partners) on receiving Silver medals in the Simone Jardim PPA Florida Grand Slam Tournament in Tampa this past weekend (2/25/21 - 2/28/21). --Partners Tracy and Aart won a Silver medal in Mixed Doubles, skill level/age 3.5 60+.

--Tom and his partner took Silver in Men’s Doubles, skill level/age 3.0/3.5 70+.

What an achievement and a real accolade for the Club!

Event Changes

--Sunday ABCD Event Change. Due to lack of sign-up for the Sunday ABCD event, the event will be changed to Next Paddle Up on Den starting on Sunday, March 7 from 11:00am-1:00pm on Courts 5 and 6. Players put their paddles in the racks, and the first four paddles are taken to play. When a game is completed, the four players put their paddles at the end of the waiting paddles. Players sign up on Den.

--Skinny Singles Session Added

An additional play time for Skinny Singles is now available for Intermediate Players on Saturday, 3-5pm on Courts 1-4 with a Next Paddle Up format. If you are interested in learning more about this event and/or playing in it, please contact Pieter Trappenburg (masspiet@verizon.com). Saturday Singles for Beginning players will continue from 11-1pm on Courts 1-4.

Other Club Updates

--Change in TPPC Membership Application - Email Addresses.

When players join the Pickleball Club, they need to have an email address in order to sign up for events on the Den computer system and receive communication from the Club. Sometimes two players choose to use the same email. This has caused problems and required that the Den often be contacted to make changes in email addresses which Club managers cannot do.

Starting immediately the Club will require each new member or renewal to have a unique email so they can be entered into the Den used to schedule events and receive Club notifications. If a new member does not have an email, that person can still apply to be a member of the Club, but cannot be added to the Den system. When a person joins TPPC, the Club will set up the member’s Den account using the email entered on the membership form and a common Club password.

Members with emails can then sign themselves up for events and receive Club correspondence via Den email. A member with an email can also sign up another Club member to Den events as a guest when they want to play.

With each member having an email, some of the problems users have trying to set up their own accounts on Den can be avoided. It will be easier for both members and Club directors who must enter all of the data.

--Player Rating. This year Officers agreed to use ABCD as a club rating system. During the month of March Mike Rocheleau, ITPTAA certified instructor, will offer professional rating to members for a fee. If you are interested in obtaining a rating, contact Mike for details at rocheleaumike@gmail.com.

--Coach’s Corner. This week’s suggestion on footwear is very important to both playing and safety. To read Mel Kohlberg’s article on Proper Footwear, click http://www.tppickleballclub.org/footwear.pdfon the TPPC website in the Coach’s Corner under Learning.

The Club received a call from Dan McKenna, a new player who fell on the Courts about a week ago. Despite his injuries, he is doing well and will have some physical therapy on his shoulder. Dan wanted to thank those players who took care of him until the ambulance arrived. The Club thanks members too for stepping up so quickly when needed.

We’ve had some beautiful weather this week, join the fun at the Courts!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Communications

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