PickleBall Fix: May 14, 2021

COOKOUT - After more than a year we returned the Saturday night Cookout to our schedule of events. 87 members enjoyed pizza provided by Chef Gino. Members contributed side choices from salmon appetizers, various salads and a table of desserts, including Marilyn Wellons’ special cake. Some members played pickleball to work off their desserts! Thanks to volunteers who came early to set up, collect money, hand out name tags and stayed late to clean up. Check out photos on the website.

COOKOUT SIGNUPS on Pickleball Den close Thursday at noon. This helps the chef adequately prepare. Each week a new menu item is offered. Watch for the email from Helen.

GUEST CHEF - We are looking for 12 folks to volunteer as a Guest Chef, one per month. If you have a favorite dish you especially like to make for a crowd, contact Helen DeGirolamo hellsbells1951@yahoo.com.

EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION COOKOUT - Wednesday May 19, 3-5 Volunteers needed. The Club has scheduled a thank you lunch for the Timber Pines employees. We need volunteers to help set up tables about 10am and take them down about 3pm. Other volunteers will be needed between 12 and 3 to serve, clear tables and provide general help. Stop in to express your appreciation to the TP employees. Contact Don Rooks rooksnhooks@yahoo.com

PICKLEBALL DEN NAVIGATION- The look of Pickleball Dend has changed making signup a little easier. All items are there, it takes a minute to see the change. A help video is available at: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/BiyA7mO4/pickleball_den_ui-1_mp4_hd.mp4.

MEDICAL SUPPLIES - The TPPC Medical Committee members—Chair Thayer, Dalley, and Slater--selected medical supplies for the Club First Aid Kit, and at the Club’s request Timber Pines has bought the necessary items. They are located at the PARC courts ready for use when needed. Thanks to the Committee.

NOTES from recent TPPC BOD Meeting May 10, 2021

June schedule was revised with earlier and later event times having consideration for heat Skinny Singles Event run by Pieter Trappenburg is on summer hiatus

Member field trip to a local winery in June is being researched

Thank you letter sent to Timber Pines BOD for letting snowbirds visit the 12 courts

Ball Machine is being fixed by maintenance dept

Night Drills and Skills by Deb Howard for working members has been successful

TPPC BOD Meeting dates will be 2nd Monday 4pm

Pavilion at 12 Courts (when open) will be rented for every Saturday night

Storage closet at 12 Courts will be locked

698 members

Steve & Sue Hunter are doing an excellent job helping members with Den issues

If you want more...All our minutes are on the website.

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Comm., Tom Asbel, Cathi Ellingson, Don Rooks

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