PickleBall Fix

Welcome back, snowbirds! Good to have you playing for the first time on the new courts! The new October Play Schedule is available for sign-up on the Den. Print your copy from the TPPC website at

Many of you have not used the Den in quite a while; others new to the Club have never used it. If you have problems, DO NOT CONTACT THE DEN DIRECTLY. Please contact the Club at tppickleballclub@gmail.com. Some of our members will work directly with you if you have trouble logging on or signing up for events. Sign up now to play with old and new friends! COOKOUT Last week’s potluck was attended by more than 40 players. Chef Gino served his hamburgers coupled with members’ salads, desserts and more . Raffle winners of pickleball bags were Lois Hawkins and Don Hanson. Great fun! This Saturday Chef Gino is planning his cheese and lobster ravioli--a real treat. Please sign up no later than Thursday so Gino can provide enough of the main dish. Attendees bring your own side dish to share. More than 50 have signed up!

FUN TOURNAMENT UPDATE The Fun Tournament is only one week away. Newbie/novices are encouraged to sign up. All events will be played on a smaller court. The sign-up deadline is Wed., Oct 13 so register with your partner now and drop your application in the PB Box above the application forms at the PARC. You can sign up for more than one event with different partners. On Sunday, Oct 17, tournament registration starts at 3pm, and the tournament begins at 4pm. Information on the events and formats will be given at the start of the tournament.

WINERY SOCIAL TRIP UPDATE The Winery trip is finalized for Monday, October 25 from about 2-5:30-6pm. Cost of the outing is $17.50 per person, including tip. The Masaryk Winery will provide 5 wine samplings and appetizers: bacon wrapped shrimp, bruschetta, pigs in a blanket and a homemade banana pudding. The Winery is about 30 minutes away, and members will need to use their own transportation. The deadline for sign-up is Wed. Oct. 20. Contact Bob Dalley (248-703-3341) or Cathi Ellingson (414-217-0232) to reserve your spot. Sign-up forms are also available in holders at the Courts and can be put in the pb box. The Winery is in a lovely location ideal for a leisure social as attested to by other TP residents who have visited on village trips. Visitors can also pick their own veggies available for sale at the winery.

2022 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL TPPC Club renewal ($10) for 2022 will start on November 1, 2021. Registration will take place at the Lodge on Mon. and Wed. from 10-12 noon. Renewal forms will also be available in the holders at the PARC and can be placed in the TP box at the courts. New members can also sign up at that time for 2022. Sign-up membership forms for new members will also be available.

Play safe and be careful.

See you at the Saturday night cookout! PLEASE BRING CORRECT CHANGE! Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Comm., Tom Asbel, Director, Don Rooks, Director, Cathi Ellingson, Director

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