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Lots of activity is coming up in the next couple of weeks--Fun Tournament, Winery Social, along with our usual cookouts and 2022 membership renewal starting on Nov 1. These special items, of course, are in addition to the regular October play events, drills, and practice with the new ball machine.


Love the camaraderie in this Club…

--It’s a pleasure to see Dotty Schnorr Weichel, who had suffered heart problems, at the courts on Friday nights with her husband. Welcome back!

--The Next Paddle Up group of players who often play at 9am celebrated member Ralph Holland’s birthday this week with friendship and cupcakes for all. 40 members were on the courts. Happy Belated Birthday, Ralph!


25 golf cart parking spaces are available on the construction side of the Pavilion and others in the grassy dry retention area on the north side of the courts by the TP North Gate. With the snowbirds returning it is a MUST that golf carts park in these two areas so that parking spaces on the black top in the lot are available to park cars. As the courts continue to fill up, unless players adhere to these stipulations, there will not be enough parking for all players. Please be considerate of all your colleagues.


Chef Gino outdid himself this past Sat. cookout with his cheese and lobster ravioli. More than 50 members attended. Raffle winners Peter Junker won a pickleball purse for his wife and Bruce Eisenhard a pb bag. Great fun! This week’s cookout will feature sandwiches. Please sign up no later than Thursday so enough sandwiches can be provided. Attendees bring your own side dish to share.


The Fun Tournament registration starts at 3pm on Sunday and the Tournament begins at 4pm. 52 players have indicated that they will play in the Tournament. They MUST BE REGISTERED at the Courts or they will not be eligible to play. BE ON TIME AT THE PARC. Information on the events and formats will be given at the start of the tournament. Spectators come on out and watch the fun!

NOTE: Prior to the Tournament on Sunday, the 17th, sign-up sheets are in Den until 1pm based on the regular Sunday schedule.


The Winery trip on Monday, October 25 from about 2-5:30-6pm is filling up. The deadline for sign-up is Wed. Oct. 20 ($17.50 per person, including tip). Sign-up forms are available in holders at the Courts. Even if you have already contacted Bob or Cathi, you must still submit a completed form with $17.50 payment to them personally or put in drop in box at Bob’s house or in the pb box at the courts as soon as possible to reserve your spot before the Oct 20 deadline. If you have not signed up yet, there is still room available so fill out the form and submit with the fee before the Oct 20 deadline. Enjoy the tasty appetizers and sipping fine wine in this lovely winery location.


Board members and players have been practicing with the new ball machine and testing the settings to improve their skills. Sign up on the Den for instructions to be given from 9-11am this Saturday, the 16th, Tuesday, the 19th and Thursday, the 21st. The new machine is located in the supply closet behind the Pavilion and the old machine is in the Pavilion. Try it out on Courts 1 or 2.


TPPC Club renewal ($10) for 2022 starts on November 1. Registration will take place at the Lodge on Mon. and Wed. from 10-12 noon throughout November, excluding Thanksgiving week. Both renewing and new members will need to complete a 2022 membership form. New members must complete the entire form. Those renewing, can just enter the date, cash/check number, their name and any new information (e.g., new email or phone number). 2022 Forms will also be available in the holders at the PARC and can be placed in the TP box at the courts with the dues.

Welcome back, snowbirds! Good to have you here to join the fun playing on the new courts!

The October Play Schedule is available for sign-up on the Den. Print your copy from the TPPC website at http://www.tppickleballclub.org/tppcoctober2021schedulerev2.pdf.

Play safe and be careful. See you at the Saturday night cookout! PLEASE BRING CORRECT CHANGE!

Marie Knowlton, TPPCP, Deb Howard, VP, Dave Dwyer, Treas., Bev Crane, Sec/Comm., Tom Asbel, Director, Don Rooks, Director, Cathi Ellingson, Director

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